4 Ways to Market Your Business

market your businessAre you someone who has chosen to put aside their career to stay home and raise children?  If so, you’re not alone.  Many moms (and now some dads) do this, at least for a few years.  However, when your children return to school, you may find entering the job market again is tough.  A nice way around this is to start your own business based on what you love and know or what you did previously, before children.

Once you begin, one of the most important tasks will be getting out the word about your business.  There are several strategies you can employ; the more of them you utilize, the more likely people will find your business and become customers.

Set Up a Website

There are still businesses out there without websites, but if you want to watch your business grow, you need a website.  It doesn’t have to be fancy at first.  You can improve on it as your business grows and you make more money.  The important part is to have a respectable website that helps people find you and your business.

Find Creative Ways to Advertise

One of the best ways to advertise is to create custom promotional products.  You could give the client useful items that have your business logo on them.  Think pens with your business name and address.  Think a large magnet sign you put on the side of your car to advertise your business while you drive around town.  These products don’t have to be expensive, but they have a long-term advertising impact.

Harness the Power of Facebook

Set up a Facebook page for your business and post a few times a day.  If you sell a product, you could use this page to notify your customers when items are on sale, but also use the page to sell your product.  For instance, if you sell knitting patterns and supplies, whip up one of the items and post a picture on Facebook.  Likely clients will be interested in making one themselves.  You can also use Facebook to share humorous photos and sayings that relate to your business.

Put Out the Word

Let all your friends and family members know about the new business you are opening.  They can tell their friends and family, and soon you’ll have several new customers.

Often the hardest part of starting a new business is getting the word out.  If you have a business that fills a demand in your area and you utilize some of these marketing strategies, you’ll likely find your first few customers.  Do a good job with those customers, and through word of mouth you’ll likely find more.

Who needs to compete in this tough job market when you can create your own business?

How do your market your business?

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