4 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal BrandBusinesses of all sizes sink big bucks into building a brand. The brand is the total package; a name, look, and message that tell a story. It’s an essential part of the start-up process. But, branding isn’t reserved for businesses alone. Building your personal brand is critically important for entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, your personal brand will showcase your talents and build on your accomplishments. A refined personal brand will serve as your reputation, conveying your expertise and trustworthiness. More than a personal elevator pitch or social media strategy, a strong personal brand should become synonymous with who you are and what you represent.

In all likelihood your brand building process is already underway. You have an idea of what you hope to represent, but there’s no consistency. Taking the time sort out what you have to offer and what you’re all about will make a disjointed message into a strong personal brand. So let’s start there.


Who Are You?

It’s up to you to control how you will be perceived by others; you are your own PR agent. Begin shaping your public image and personal brand by thinking about how you want potential clients and customers to think of you.

Write down five things that you want to represent, the things you want to be about. Then determine your area of expertise, your deliverables. Now it’s time to articulate this information. Begin to package your brand by developing a consistent voice and clear message to converse with customers.

Remember, this applies whether you are working or you’re off the clock.  Your personal brand is shaped by all your behaviors, not just ones related to your business.


Spread The Word

With the package assembled and the message defined, it’s time to connect with others to spread the word about what you’re up to.

In the physical sense how you dress, carry yourself, and conduct business need to match your brand. Business cards, brochures and promotional material should also sync up. In the online world a website, blog, and social media presence are the foundation for communicating your personal brand.

First mark your territory by securing your website domain and building out your social profiles. Then, begin creating and sharing relevant content. Continue to update your accounts and reach out to potential clients, thought leaders, and strategic partners.

The tricky part is establishing and maintaining an online brand that seamlessly links with your offline actions. There must be quality and consistency among both aspects of your pitch.


Be Real

The worst mistake an entrepreneur can make when building a personal brand is being fake. The branding process is not about trying to make-up a version of you to sell. Conversely, aim to create a concise and memorable package of the real you.

It’s critical to be authentic and true to yourself.

To earn business you’ll have to build relationships. You can’t do that if you’re being deceitful.  Get to know others and find the place where your abilities meet their needs. Go beyond providing a service; seek to add value to lives of clients. That’s a surefire way to leave a lasting impact. It’s also the best way to strengthen your personal brand and grow your business.


Keep Branding

Brand building is not a onetime exercise. As you grow so will your brand. Don’t be rigid. Evolve and stay relevant. Seek out feedback from people you trust and respect. Ask clients to complete a survey based on their experience. Then, refine your message as need.

What’s your best advice for creating a personal brand?

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