3 Incredible Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

If you’re planning to start a business or want to take your business to the level, this article is for you.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, all the information you need to transform a business idea into action can be found somewhere online. There are blogs, courses, webinars, and forums packed with tips for creating a viable business doing work that you love. Better still, a lot of these resources are free. Even if you don’t have a winning idea yet seeking out these resources can help spark your creativity, motivate you into action, and guide you along the way.

But, if you’re working a 9-5 and have a family you might not have time for all this reading, coursework, and planning. That’s fine. Yet another reason this article is for you. Listening to one of these podcasts will transform your commute into a valuable learning experience. Heck, beyond entrepreneurship, we also love investing and money podcasts.  That also true for the times you’re exercising, traveling, or just lounging around the house. From now on, pop on one of these podcast instead of reality TV.


smart passive income podcastSmart Passive Income | Pat Flynn

Pat will show you how to create an online business and automate your earnings. The content on his blog and podcasts are insanely actionable. Plus his authentic, transparent approach has helped him build a community of loyal listeners. He’s also accessible and down to earth. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of talking with Pat and my brother appeared on his podcast. His insights and experiences are top notch. The value of Pat’s work speaks for itself; he has more than 2,500,000 downloads and 1,000 five star reviews. You should probably check him out.


Good Life Project PodcastGood Life Project | Jonathan Fields

Business information and marketing tips are great, but sometimes it all sounds the same. Personally, I’ve found the details of an entrepreneur’s journey much more interesting and helpful. How did they get started? What tools and resources did they use? What lessons do they have for other entrepreneurs? Jonathan Fields is delivering these answers and so much more. On the Good Life Project Jonathan, a world-class entrepreneur in his own right actually sits down with guests face-to-face. Then, he explores their journey in a way that answers the how and why. It’s an informative and inspiring podcast well worth your time.


Mixergy PodcastMixergy | Andrew Warner

This podcast is like the grandfather of them all. It’s one of the first and most popular podcasts for entrepreneurs, created and run by a hugely successful entrepreneur. The interviewees also set this show apart. The guests are among the best and brightest in the game, including Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, Jason Fried, Gary Vaynerchuk and so many others. Simply put, Mixergy is real information from real people who have done it up big. It’s part of the Mixery Mission that makes the content so appealing; to show you that the best way to grow is to learn from a mix of smart people who are willing to share their expertise and experiences.

Busy or not, it’s time to make time to listen to these podcasts. More importantly, it’s time to stop doing work that you hate. Take a piece of advice from Andre Warner and Mixergy; seek out others who have done with you are trying to do and learn from them.

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