WixStores- An Incredible Solution for Your Incredible eCommerce Site


Wixstores is a fantastic ecommerce website builder for building your online store. If you are looking to build an eCommerce site that sells products, offers discounts, and much more, Wixstores is the perfect solution.

Who is it for?

As was mentioned earlier, Wixstores is the perfect solution to build an eCommerce website if you are looking to create an online storefront for your client or sell your line of products online.

The Basics

Setting up an online store is what Wixstores does best. Just about any eCommerce website builder out there can do that. However, it is the complexities that an online store is associated with that makes Wixstores the best in its class.

It is quite easy to get started on WixStores. Signing up is actually fairly easy – pick your industry and what sort of an online store you would like to set up. Once you pick out this option, you are then redirected to a different page where you can cherry pick one template from almost hundreds of them. Most of these templates look so professional you would have a hard time choosing the best one for your online store.


The Features

Here are some of the brilliant features that you can expect to find in this website builder.

  • An array of well designed and beautifully crafted website templates
  • Galleries to display your products with a dedicated page for each product
  • A mobile friendly platform that is optimized for smartphones
  • A special interface for coupons
  • Easy inventory and order management, which also includes managing shipments and order tracking
  • Wix App Market has a pretty impressive collection of widgets, extensions and plugins, which can give your eCommerce website that little extra
  • A special newsletter service

Things I Liked About Wixstores

You can get set and go with just a few clicks and drags of your mouse. The drag and drop feature is so helpful that setting up your website is as easy as it gets.

Making your website mobile friendly is one of the important things these days especially if you are running an online business. All templates that you get here are responsive to mobile devices. Not only do they look great on smartphones and tablets, they come to you at no extra cost. Now that’s one feature everybody will like.

Not all shop owners are tech savvy and have the knack to set up an ecommerce website. For those who are not sure of how these things work, there is a dedicated help center that literally answers all your questions with just a few clicks and keystrokes. A lot of effort has gone into making this help center a resource center that shows how to set up and manage your website.


Things I Didn’t Like About Wixstores

Even though there is not any obvious downside to using Wixstores, there are so many things you can do with your account that you feel a bit lost at times.

How much does it Cost?

To unleash the full capability of Wixstores, you need to subscribe for a premium version. You can choose between the VIP or eCommerce plans. Packages start at about $16 per month, which is nothing given all the tools and templates you get. Make sure you look into all packages and what you get with each package here.


Wixstores is a robust eCommerce website solution. Nothing comes close to it.

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