How to create the Best Podcast Show Notes

Though Podcasts are mainly for episodes to be heard and not read, still, it is incredibly essential to have a proper show note, with excellent content. The only reason behind it is to provide the audience with an in-depth knowledge of the podcasts, in both written and audible episodes. So, you might think about what is a Podcast show note. A Podcast show note is the written version of the audible episode, as well as few more added notes that would give the audience little more detail. Apart from the usual summarization of the audible episodes, Podcast show notes also include links to specific external articles, which leads to interviews, bios, and other similar contents.

What’s the use of Podcast Show Notes?

To include show notes, related to the audible episodes, has a vast list of advantages, such as:

Providing more details to the audience

Through the show notes, it becomes effortless for the audience to learn more about the episodes. Hence, it results in better satisfaction for the audience. Also, through the show notes, you can provide external links, which would lead to more information. The more information you put in, the more interested your audience would be.

Reach to a larger audience

With the help of SEO, you would quickly reach to more people, and promote your entire work. If you start implementing better keywords, more people will find the episodes out. This would lead to more audience, and hence, your work gets promoted too.

Promote the Older Episodes

If your older episodes didn’t make as many listeners, as you would have liked, you could now increase the numbers. Once you start promoting your content with excellent show notes, the new audience would like to start from the very beginning, and this would lead to more numbers of audiences for the older and latest episodes.

Ways to write the best Podcast Show Notes

Now, you have an excellent idea about the advantages of Podcast show notes, but before starting on creating them, you need to know how to make the best show notes. Here is a list of methods that would help you produce high-quality show notes for your episodes.

Have a pattern/format for the Show Notes

You need a simple format for the show notes, and it would be better to keep the content short and crisp. Sharp, straightforward points never fail to make an impact on the audience. They become more interested in going through the content if it catches their interest. The best way to write appealing show notes is to use bullet points and small paragraphs. Using bullet points is, undoubtedly, the easiest way to gain more audience.

Always Make Notes

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to creating show notes. The best way to write the content is to make small notes while recording the episode. In this way, you won’t overlook any necessary information to add in the show note. Keeping it for the last would only lead to procrastination, or you might end up missing out on a few essential points.

Interact directly with the audience

Through the show notes, you can easily communicate with the audience. It is a great way to promote your social media profiles and gain more subscribers or followers. Through this, you would be able to reach the audience, and make requests, which would increase your followers, and this would be another way to get an excellent promotion for your episodes.

Provide External Links

To attract the interests of more audience, you need to provide links to external details such as videos, pictures, or others. For example, if you mention something in your episode, it is better to link the same in the show note. This would make the entire experience for the Audience smooth and quick. Moreover, you certainly should include the links to your sources. For instance, if you have received inspiration from some other source, or taken some elements from some other place, you definitely should include those in the show note. This makes your work honest and helps the audience to know more about your source.

Write a Short Summary of the Episode

Don’t include every part of the episode, but try to make a summary focusing on the elements which might attract the audience to listen to the podcast. Through an outline, you can make the audience more interested in the episodes. This is the easiest way to gain more audience, and promote your episode.

Make Bullet Points

Bullet points are crucial, as mentioned above. There is no need to exaggerate and write down lengthy sentences. Instead of making the show notes dull, you should focus on bullet points. The points make the content attractive and easy to read. Hence, always opt for bullet points instead of paragraphs.

Use One-Liners

Try to come up with a catchy one-line sentence, which would make the episode seem appealing for the audience. Using a smart, one-liner makes the entire episode wittier and attractive.

SEO is essential

Never forget how much necessary SEO is when it comes to content. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, includes few keywords, short or long, which helps the people to reach your podcast easily. Use Google tools to find out the popular keywords, and try to use them as much as you can in your show notes.

The Podcast show notes are as essential to promoting your work, as are the episodes. It is better to focus on both the episodes as well as the show notes to create the best content for the audience. Try to provide the listeners with as many details as you can, without making it lengthy. In this way, you would easily be able to reach out more, and within no time, you would see the rise in the percentage of followers. Once they start subscribing to your social media accounts, you would inevitably gain more audience for your Podcast episodes. Don’t leave the show notes behind. Please make them an essential part of your Podcasts.

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