Why People Love What Neil Patel Publishes Across 5 Content Formats

If you’re unfamiliar with who Neil Patel is and the value that he brings to the online marketing ecosystem, it’s high time you got caught up.

Neil Patel

Patel is among the founders of HelloBar, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg and QuickSprout, some of the biggest names in contemporary marketing. Today, most of his online activity takes place via his own website, while the Neil Patel Digital agency offers consulting services to big-name corporate clients like Intuit, Expedia and GM.

In a nutshell, Patel’s public-facing persona is that of a teacher who offers highly useful and thought-inspiring ways to get you and your brand recognized online – most of which is freely published for all to see.

Whether it’s through the entrepreneur’s articles, videos, podcasts, free SEO tools or even courses, Neil Patel utilizes a simple, easy-to-understand and comprehensive approach to share lessons from his years of success in the digital space.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the most popular media formats that Neil Patel offers his multi-million online following.

Blog posts

The core value of what Neil Patel brings to the online SEO community can be found via the articles on his blog.

Whether it’s advice on how to rank on Google, guidance on writing content, or finding a profitable niche for your new website, it is all but certain that you’ll find it through one of Neil Patel’s blog posts.

Not only are his articles highly comprehensive, but they are suitable for online marketers of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether you are a newbie looking to start your first online business or a seasoned digital marketeer, the blog content that Neil Patel offers is of the utmost value.

Video clips

On top of offering valuable advice through his online blog, Neil Patel also has a strong presence via his video explainers. This is ideal for those who prefer to learn in video format, as opposed to reading somewhat lengthy blog articles.

While Neil Patel attracts more than 370,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, the marketing guru still gets the bulk of his audience via his official website.

Much like in the case of his online blogs, Patel offers simple hacks to help get your online business noticed. Once again, his video content is always explained in layman’s terms, meaning that those with little exposure to the online marketing space can absorb Patel’s knowledge with ease.  


While the vast majority of Neil Patel’s online content comes at no cost, the guru also offers premium, expert-level educational courses for those who want to take things to the next level.

One such example of this is the year-long Advanced Marketing Program, which focuses on metrics such as performing in-depth research on prospective clients, and engaging in competitive intelligence research through a variety of tools.

Customer reviews of this Neil Patel course are well received by students. Joy Bender, a San Diego luxury real estate agent, says she’s grossed over $2 million, largely thanks to what she’s learned on the Advanced Marketing Program. “There is significant eye opening information, shared resources and tools, and exercises to complete for maximum potential,” she writes.

Free SEO Tools

When it comes to out-ranking your competitors on Google, engaging in keyword research is fundamental. Recognizing that this is a crucial stage of the marketing process, Neil Patel purchased popular keyword tool Ubersuggest in 2017. The entrepreneur says he paid $120,000 for the tool, which is now hosted on his site. And he hasn’t looked back, rolling out new functionalities every few months.

Prior to this initiative, users would need to pay premium subscription fees to software providers like SEMrush or Ahrefs for the data insights he offers. However, Neil Patel being the man he is, it’s all now free to use. Patel explains that his motivating reason to buying Ubersuggest was to see whether it was possible to grow his audience without engaging in content marketing.

SEO analyser

Neil’s latest release: a free SEO analyzer

This once again highlights why Neil Patel is so well-regarded by his global following, offering his users free, alternative tools for drawing top-level insights.


Whether it’s through platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play or SoundCloud, the popularity of podcasts is growing at an amazing rate. With this in mind, Neil Patel launched his very own podcast in 2016, which is suitably branded as Marketing School.

Teaming up with fellow thought leader Eric Siu, the podcast provides its audience with 10 minutes worth of marketing advice each and every day. This is arguably just as valuable as Neil Patel’s other online channels, not least because it offers fresh, quick and up-to-date content on a daily basis.

Marketing School is perfect for those who don’t have the time to sit through lengthy videos or blogs, and instead prefer quick and easy access to valuable advice. Reviews of the podcast are highly positive, with listeners explaining that they love the “hit and run format” and that the podcast plays a large “part of the morning routine.”

The Verdict

Whether it’s through the entrepreneur’s free articles, videos, podcasts or SEO tools, Neil Patel is regarded as a legend in the online marketing space. Patel recognizes that his content needs to be produced in such a manner that it offers value to marketers of all shapes and sizes, which is why he has such a diverse audience. 

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