Archives for April 2015

The Number One Mistake Marketers Make With Direct Mail (It’s Not What You Think)

With all of the press around the notion of direct mail being “dead,” you might think that the biggest mistake that marketers make with direct mail is actually doing it in the first place. After all, email, mobile, and social media marketing are the “cool kids” on the marketing block right now, and direct mail […]

4 Creative Life Hacks For College Students

Life hacks are skills or tricks that increase efficiency and productivity. Students have devised many life hacks to help them study. While studying, one gets hungry faster compared to a manual task and students carry snacks to combat this. Some notes can be very boring to go through; therefore, some college students prefer listening to […]

Success Stories to Inspire Your Next Business Feat

Everyday life can sometimes be quite dull. Going to work, coming home, eating, sleeping. Most people need something to keep them going through the day. This is why we often turn to fiction and look for inspiration there. However, ordinary people live extraordinary lives even outside the world of books: they are brave, courageous, and […]

Apps for Going to Concerts

Concert apps are becoming popular, and it is fitting that this comes at a time when so many people have smartphones at their disposal. It is therefore easy for you to track when your favorite celebrity is performing in the area and take advantage of offers or score easy tickets. We all have experienced that […]

Entrepreneurship and Creativity in Gaming

Entrepreneurial Creativity is all about having innovative ideas that no one else have dared to think of before and converting them into profitable business activities. Online gaming industry has been driven by entrepreneurial activities from all around the world since the last decade where we have seen many gaming developers finding innovative ways to make […]