Archives for April 2015

Entrepreneur Profile: MobileCast Media

Successfully launching and running a business is a daunting task. Getting a look inside the entrepreneurial mindset, to learn from a business owner who’s been down that road and can offer some sage advice is invaluable. Today we are speaking with John Houghton, Owner of MobileCast Media. Visit them online at When launching your company […]

The Impact of Millennials on the Housing Market

The millennial generation (people between the ages of 18 and 36) is finally entering the housing market, and realtors and mortgage brokers are starting to pay more attention to this developing niche. Down payments are low, mortgage rates are falling in the mid to 3% territory, and the market conditions are ideal for this generation. […]

Why Is Information Architecture Important?

Information architecture is the informational structure associated with an organization. Therefore, any person who operates a business should understand what information architecture is and why it’s important for a business. In order to understand what this term represents and how a business may implement information architecture effectively, exploring the fundamental elements of the concept could be helpful. […]

Cost Efficiency and Other Benefits of Cloud Archiving

Thinking of archiving your business data in the cloud? According to Dolphin, “Cloud storage is ideal as a repository for archived information because it moves infrequently accessed archived data and documents out of the production environment to storage where the cost is on a pay-as-you-use basis.” Indeed, cloud archiving is smart and makes sound financial […]