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screen568x568Concert apps are becoming popular, and it is fitting that this comes at a time when so many people have smartphones at their disposal. It is therefore easy for you to track when your favorite celebrity is performing in the area and take advantage of offers or score easy tickets. We all have experienced that sinking feeling that comes when you know that you are not going to be in on the action, even when the whole thing is going down a block away. Most of the time this happens because we do not know what application are the most appropriate to use. Below is an analysis of the top available concert applications today.

  1. Gig beat

This application gives you an updated analysis of the artists it features on its list. It is very easy to browse and gives you a welcome break from the Apple leanings of the more popular applications. There is plenty of graphic content, and this breaks the monotony of the display that is so prevalent in the earlier concert applications. This simplicity does not however compromise on content. If for example, you are looking for directions on Madonna tickets and tour dates or her promotions, everything is available at the single swipe of a screen.

  1. Bandsintown

This is a regular concert app, but its most standout feature is the cloud provision that goes by the name concert cloud. This one uses GPS to bring to you other artists who are visiting your location in the near future. It then provides you with assistance in choice, showing you what it recommends as the best artists as well as concerts. Bandsintown is impressively comprehensive, giving you details on the major gigs as well as the smaller ones in a neat list. From time to time, it will also bring you a list of some of the more popular attendees.

  1. ThrillCall

This is the ideal app for those who find themselves uncovered at the last minute. Therefore, it will heavily emphasize on the shows that are coming up late on the menu. It is also a place for offloading tickets if you find that things are moving along slowly. Thrill call has become quite popular because the purchase of tickets is easy and you can get tickets on the cheap.


You are not going to find a chronicle of every gig here, but you will find enough. Users themselves generate lists based on their own preferences, so you are going to find a lot of diversity here, as well as a lot of prejudice. If you are looking for detailed analyses, this is going to be one of your more popular areas of visitation, because the concerts will have an indication of performers, songs and featured acts all at the same point.

  1. On Tour Concert Finder

If you happen to have a local library, this application synchronizes with it so that it knows your needs and preferences. It also works with and Bandsintown to provide you the most current and tailored results. In addition, finder helps you calculate the distance from your location to the venue of preferred concerts.

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