4 Creative Life Hacks For College Students

1Life hacks are skills or tricks that increase efficiency and productivity. Students have devised many life hacks to help them study. While studying, one gets hungry faster compared to a manual task and students carry snacks to combat this. Some notes can be very boring to go through; therefore, some college students prefer listening to recorded lectures. It can save time since the lectures can be played at twice the original speed taking half the time the lecture took.

2According to website provides perfect written essays, most students use different colors when taking notes to fire up their visual memory. Notes taken with same color can be boring and discourages students studying compared to colored notes. Senior classes are usually harder than junior classes therefore students do their best to build their GPA in the first semesters when subjects are easier.

3To make easy and fast breakfast, students use a coffee mug in the microwave to make scrambled eggs. It takes averagely one and a half minutes for breakfast to be ready. Students who are too lazy when it comes to doing dishes use a tortilla instead of bowl or plate. Many have also invested in laptop locks to combat theft. On a hot day, they hang damp towels over open windows to reduce stuffiness.

4Presentations are one of the most challenging moments in a student’s academic life especially the final project. Students, therefore, set up their friends to ask questions that they have well researched so that they can answer to boost confidence. An egg carton is also used to keep the computer cool. This helps keep the computer functioning efficiently and longer.

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