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Everyday life can sometimes be quite dull. Going to work, coming home, eating, sleeping. Most people need something to keep them going through the day. This is why we often turn to fiction and look for inspiration there. However, ordinary people live extraordinary lives even outside the world of books: they are brave, courageous, and they achieve things others can only dream about. They venture into the world and conquer diverse obstacles in order to achieve their goals. They battle enemies and face perils, all in the jungle of this modern world, beneath the arch of the stock market.

Here are some of the examples of such stories, and how the heroes of these stories became wealthy, successful, and famous. It seems age plays an insignificant role in risk-taking: recent crashed have caused most people to think twice about where they allocate their money, but some still dare to take the plunge, which can sometimes be quite rewarding.

During the 1970s, at the age of 34, a man named Neil McCarthy started investing his money in the stock market. By today, he has made an incredible profit, waging around $2 million. His bravest feat was the now famous purchase of stocks when they were on a downward spiral. So, when the value of certain stocks was decreasing and they looked like a lost cause, Neil invested more in them and bought even more stocks. During the 90s, he tripled his net worth, and made his first million. He avoided all the tech companies, for they made no sense to him, and only invested in ratios that were around 1:200 and 1:300. Now, that is true courage!

Ron Omohundro was an engineer at Fujitsu when he started investing in the stock market. He was using the traditional buy and hold method, for he believed this to be the safest way of earning a profit. It was not long before he switched all of his stocks to corporate bonds which yielded high, and had dividend paying stocks. By doing so, he avoided much of the 2007 stock crash, and held on to most of his investments. Today, he is enjoying the rest of his life and is getting more and more proactive as he is aging.

Max Dufour is an American investor who used to invest in foreign markets. He explained his reasons for doing so by stating that his aim was to save his capital if the US economy “decided” to suddenly take the wrong turn. He was a program manager in a Boston consulting firm when he first started investing, and by now, his portfolio has increased by over 50 percent. We can only guess that having a global approach can be profitable in most cases, but choosing such a path also needs a lot of experience and knowledge as well.

A married couple during the early 2000s used the traditional method of buy and hold, and by doing so, they earned a nice income. But, the time came when the economy went grey, and they consulted a business counselor. So they moved one-quarter of their assets to Bandon Capital Management, and when the entire stock market portfolio went down by 30 percent, theirs rose by 3 percent. They are Kendall and Mark Youngblood.

Among one of the most famous stock investors is surely Tim Sykes, a man who achieved things that many only dream about. He used his $12,415 initial budget and by trading with penny stocks every day, he earned the sum of a bit over $4 million. All of this was done while he was still a college senior, and today, he has a fortune made from penny trades, plus a talent foundation which supports really talented youngsters and gives them scholarships to further improve their knowledge and skills. You can find many guides made by Tim, and his blog provides a lot of information for both experienced and novice traders.

Investing in the stock market can be a very profitable thing. It is all a matter of persistence, good research, and smart investing. One day, you can be a regular 25-year-old with a small savings, and the next day you can become famous and rich by trading and investing in the right (penny) stock. Be courageous and embark on a life-changing journey, for many riches lie ahead. However, bear in mind that a dragon may be guarding that same treasure, and invest wisely – while risks do pay off sometimes, they can also lead to disaster.

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