All About Using YouTube Channels on Different Devices

When it comes to watching and sharing videos, Youtube platform is one the most popular among many. The Youtube app is available on all smartphones. Did you know that you can watch Youtube videos on different devices like TV, Xbox, Roku, Kodi etc. You can enjoy watching Youtube videos on Big Screens on your Home TV. A Youtube tool called helps in making the connection between the channels and smart devices.

In this digital era, we all look into easy and quick solutions. provides personalized links in order to promote your Youtube channel or videos. The links can be used in advertisements or can be printed on business cards for promotions.

Keep reading to know more about and how you can connect Youtube on various smart devices. So, let’s delve deep into the process of and how to make use of it.

What is Activate for YouTube? Activate

Source activate is a website that helps you connect Youtube on your TV or smart devices. You have to activate Youtube on smart Tvs and devices. Usually you watch Youtube on your Phone and you want to watch it on TV.  When you sign in to youtube on a Tv, a 12 digit code is displayed. Just go to activate on your phone and enter the code. Now you can sit relaxed and enjoy watching videos on TV.

Why Use Activate for YouTube Content Creators? activate is a user friendly tool and its main purpose is for streamlining the login process and for brand’s promotion. It helps users to build unique connections for their youtube channels. It acts as a bridge to extend the audience’s favorite content to their desired devices.

One must have a youtube account and smart devices that supports the app with decent internet connection in order to use the personalized links. activate generates a unique code which makes the activation process much simpler and enhances privacy and security. It keeps your personal data safe and secured. You can enjoy watching your favorite content without any interpretation.

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YouTube Supported Devices List

To use Youtube on different devices, firstly you should know which are all the types of devices you may activate. Here is the lists:

  • Smartphones (Android and IOS)
  • Smart Tvs
  • Game Console
  • Computers (PC or Laptop)
  • Streaming devices

 Activating YouTube On Different Smart Devices

Follow the below simple steps to activate Youtube on different devices using activate in a straightforward process:

Activating YouTube on Android TV/Smart TV code


In many smart Tvs youtube is an inbuilt program and some devices may miss out of the application. If you wish to watch Youtube on your smart TV. Here are the steps to start sign process:

  • If yourTv already has a Youtube app then launch the app on your smart tv. If not, download the app from the play store or app store and install it.
  • Click on sign in from the down down menu.
  • You will receive the 12 digit activation code and do not close the screen.
  •  In your Phone, Open through browser and sign in.  
  • Enter the 12 digit code and follow the on screen instructions to complete the sign in process.

Once after the sign in completes you can enjoy watching Youtube on your Smart Tvs.

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Activating YouTube on Game Consoles (PS or Xbox One)

Generally people use Game consoles to play video games, but they can also be used to watch videos on Youtube.

  • Download the Youtube app from the Playstation store. Install and run Youtube.
  • Go to ‘Sign In and settings’.
  • Select ‘Sign In and press X.
  • A 8 digit code is displayed. Write down the code.
  • Go to the website activate.
  • Sign in using your Google account.
  • Type the 8 digit code that you have written and click on ‘Allow Access’.
  • Youtube will get activated.

You will see a confirmation message on both of your devices. On your video game console, now you can enjoy streaming Youtube.

Activating YouTube on Roku Devices (Streaming Devices)

    To activate Youtube on your Roku follow the elbow steps:

  • Connect your Roku to Your Tv Via the Internet.
  • Login to Roku and in the Home screen select the channel store option.
  • Select Youtube channel from the Roku channel store.
  • Add the channel in the menu and click OK. A Youtube channel will be added to Roku channels in a few seconds.
  • Go to Home page, select ‘My Channels’, Select ‘Youtube’.
  • Click on the gear icon to enter Settings’.
  • Select Sign-in and input the required information.
  • Roku will then create the code.Take a note of the code.
  • Visit activate on your mobile or laptop, enter the code and login to your Google account.

Activate YouTube on Kodi    

  Kodi is used to play digital media files and you can watch youtube videos on kodi with the help of the below steps.

  • Go to settings option in Kodi, Select Add-Ons and install in order
  • Select Video Add-ons from the Add-ons and find youtube from the listed options
  • Install Youtube in Kodi
  • After installing, you need to activate Youtube using
  • Select Videos >Add-ons>Youtube
  • On Youtube go to sign in option
  • Enter the code generated by Kodi
  • Select the account and then click Allow

When you return to Kodi, you will now be able to see the videos here.

Activating YouTube on Apple TV

Search for a Youtube app in the App store on your smartphone.

  • Download and install the programme
  • Launch Youtube
  • Click on the left side menu and log in to your Google account.
  • Open a Youtube account and webpage activate to pair the accounts.
  • Switch on Apple Tv, enter the code given and complete the sign in process according to the instruction.
  • Verify activation

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Common Issues encountered during Activate process

Here are some common issues you may run through while activating

Invalid or Expired code: In case on your TV, if it is displaying a message as invalid code or Expired code, you may need to generate a new code. Go to settings menu on Tv or Xbox> Link with Tv code> You will get new Tv code. Then repeat the steps on your phone and link Youtube to your device.

Connection error: If you find a message stating there is a problem connecting to Youtube, Check your internet connection and make sure both the devices are connected to the same Wifi/Network. Still if the problem persists, try restarting the router or modem.

Playback error: If you get a massage as video cannot be played, you need to check the video format and quality. Some videos will not be compatible with Tv. You can try to lower the video quality and also check the internet speed.


Nowadays people enjoy watching youtube videos not only on smartphones but also on Tv and on other devices too. Website is used to link up Youtube with different devices. It’s the most important tool for a seamless content sharing experience and channel promotion. Now you can enjoy watching videos on the big screen. 

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