13 Must-Watch TV Shows for Entrepreneurs in 2021

The life of an entrepreneur is not easy. It’s a tough job handling so many employees under one roof. Oftentimes an entrepreneur has to deal with difficult people and tough situations. During those times the boss stands tall yet alone amongst the crowd. Entrepreneurs we feel you! Take a break. Recharge your batteries and get back to work in full swing.

Thankfully there is a wide variety of tv shows that have relatable content for our budding entrepreneurs. Binge-watch on business shows to get inspired or to break the monotony of your life. We have curated a list of 10 must-watch shows for entrepreneurs in 2021.

13 Best TV Shows for Entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurs work harder than most of the people around them because their dreams don’t let them settle for less. Such hard-working, always on the move individuals deserve a break from their fast-paced lives, and what’s better than indulging in some business-related tv shows. These shows will give you a well-deserved break and motivation as well. 

1. Better Call Saul 

The show centers around the character Jimmy McGill before he became Saul Goodman. It’s a prequel to Breaking Bad and is a master class on storytelling. 

It follows the life of Jimmy McGill played by Bob Odenkirk. His presence on screen is amazing. Entrepreneurs will relate to the struggles Jimmy faces as he sets up his office in the back room of a nail salon. He’s a former con man who is now trying to establish himself as a lively lawyer, Saul Goodman. Jimmy draws inspiration from his elder brother and pursues law. But his attempts to be a good attorney ultimately fail and his unethical ways of work become his identity. 

2. Shark Tank  

Shark Tank is a reality startup tv show where entrepreneurs get a chance to showcase their business model to a panel of investors. The investors also called ‘sharks’ are looking for profitable businesses. The entrepreneurs seek investment from these sharks. They have to pitch their businesses with business demographics like growth rate, product details, and future plans. 

The show is informative and also teaches how to pitch your product successfully. 

3. Dragon’s Den (UK)

Dragon’s Den is the British version of the Japanese show ‘The Tigers of Money’. Entrepreneurs seek investment for their business and offer the dragons i.e investors a stake in their business. This entrepreneur reality show is aptly named as it shows the brutal reality of the business world. Take inspiration and start preparing for your future pitches. If you are an entrepreneur looking to invest your money this show can introduce you to many profitable businesses. 

4. Billions 

Billions is an American tv show revolving around hedge fund manager Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod played by Damian Lewis and the United States Attorney Chuck Rhodes played by Paul Giamatti.  This show displays the grim reality of the high finance world. There will always be somebody who is full of greed ready to use illegal means to fill up their own pockets. 

This story gets its inspiration from investigations about real-life financial crimes undertaken by Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Use this show as a lesson on how to tread through the complicated corporate mesh. 

5. Planet of the Apps 

Apple introduced this start-up reality show on Apple Music for app creators in 2017. It is an investment show primarily about app creators getting a chance to pitch their apps to venture capitalists. Creators get 60 seconds to pitch their apps known as an ‘elevator pitch’ in the industry, to celebrity mentors Gwenyth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Gary Vaynerchuk, and will.i.am. The mentors then vote yes or no for the contestants and their apps. 

After working on the suggestions received from the mentors for six weeks, the participants then pitch them to investors who ultimately decide the fate of the app creators. Tech entrepreneurs will have a ball watching this show and learn a lot about the upcoming apps. 

6. StartUp  

A high-intensity drama set around the lives of tech entrepreneurs who create digital currency called GenCoin. The people who create it are three strangers who have a great idea but no capabilities of an entrepreneur. They are total misfits in the industry but have the same dream. They come under the radar of an FBI agent and things start getting exciting. 

This business show keeps going back and forth, keeping you at the edge of your seat. These misfits have to fight to prove their worth. It gives the viewer a perspective on the ‘start-up’ culture. It mirrors the reality of the start-up industry and how brutal it can be. 

7. Silicon Valley 

Silicon Valley is a comedy show for all you techies who could do with a light show. It revolves around the Silicon Valley start-up, the lives of the tech developers and businessmen. The characters of the show do a fantastic job and the humor is top-notch. A tv show that perfectly depicts the life of your California techies. A well-written office drama that you can relate to. 

The underlying themes of ego, office politics, and greed are well portrayed in the series. Get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of the tech world. There are times when it can get a tad bit boring with all the coding and technical humdrum. The story and the characters will keep you invested throughout the series. Silicon Valley is one of the best shows for entrepreneurs to binge-watch. 

8. Dirty Money 

A Netflix original production, Dirty Money illustrates frauds in the business world including money scams and security frauds. It’s a well-thought attempt at exposing the scandals of the corporate world. This business-related tv show is a docuseries. It includes interviews of people involved in scams. 

The unethical ways in which people earn money will surprise you. Some stories will break your heart and some will leave you angry. Each episode is one hour long and explores real-life frauds from various perspectives. We all know about corporate corruption but once you watch this series you will realize the depth to which people can fall just to make more money. There’s a reason it’s called Dirty Money. 

9. Empire 

A complex story of strained family relationships and greed for power. Former drug dealer Lucious Lyon turns hip hop mogul and builds an empire for himself. Everything is running smoothly until he’s diagnosed with a certain illness which hints towards an early death. He starts training one of his three sons to run the business. During the course of the story, he plays them off against each other. Now everyone wants to sit on the throne. Another interesting twist in the tale is when his ex-wife played by the brilliant Taraji Henson returns from prison after 17 years. She too seeks to win the throne to the empire and win her sons back. 

The realistic portrayal of the story and the conviction in the eyes of the characters will make you think it’s a true story. But, it’s not. The gripping storyline will never disappoint you, it’s a total entertainer. It speaks volumes about family loyalty amongst all the chaos. 

Watch this show for its truthful storytelling about the dynamics of business families. 

10. Ballers 

Are you an NFL fan then this one’s for you. Ballers is about a charming retired NFL player played by Dwayne Johnson who has to find a new career. He settles with the idea of becoming a financial manager for NFL players. What follows is an amazing story circling the lives of players and their families. You will never find a dull moment in the show. 

Watching Dwayne Johnson is always a delight and more so in this series. 

This comedy-drama will keep you in splits with episodes of tears in your eyes. It’s a full package of emotions. Even if you are not a football fan you will enjoy the series. It makes you see what goes on behind all that glamour of the football industry. It is not what it looks like from the outside. The hardships the players go through to be successful are unbelievable. Draw inspiration from this emotion-packed show. 

11. Suits 

Entrepreneurs don’t like dealing with legal matters yet they have to. Understanding legal affairs to be a successful entrepreneur is a must. Suits is a fun lesson on legal issues involving corporate affairs. It is a legal drama based on dynamic lawyers working under one roof and the cases that they handle. 

It revolves around central characters Harvey Spectre played by Gabriel Macht and Mike Ross played by Patrick J. Adams. The show also features Meghan Markle, Rick Hoffman, and Gina Torres in important roles. 

Each character is amazing and talented. Even though the show is about legal matters there is still a lot of emotional drama happening in the personal lives of the characters. The themes of work ethics, romance, conflict management, patience, and so on are well executed. You can use it in your career as well. 

12. The Office 

The Office is a light-hearted show portraying the lives of employees working in an office. The show is a workplace comedy which everybody can relate to. The characters in the show seem oddly familiar. You will spot such characters at your own workplace too, which is why it seems so relatable. The actors have done a phenomenal job with their characters. 

Even with an ensemble cast, you will notice each and every character and by the end of the series, you know their traits in and out. The show makes you realize however annoying your colleagues are, you are still a family at the end of it all. The show highlights the everyday work scenario and the dynamics between employees and their bosses. A heart-warming at the same time hilarious show that teaches you to see the light side of an otherwise dull office. 

13. Girl Boss 

Girl Boss is a tv show adaptation of Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography with the same title. It depicts the life of Sophia and her business empire. Britt Robertson plays Sophias’ character in the show. If you need somebody to tell you ‘follow your passion and you will find success’ this is the show you must watch. This is one of the best shows for entrepreneurs who seek reassurance about following their passion. 

The central character is a girl who is reckless with her choices, is a rebel, and comes across as a total wreck. But she has a passion that not many know about. She loves vintage clothes. Between odd jobs, she decides to start selling vintage clothes online. 

The glitter in her eyes when she scouts for vintage clothes at thrift stores is exciting to see. Her small business picks up momentum and she’s on the road to becoming a businesswoman. Her hardships and turmoil as a young entrepreneur will feel like your own. This show is motivational especially for young women who need that extra push to follow their dreams. 

Why should an entrepreneur watch these tv shows? 

1. Motivation 

If you need a little motivation in life to do what you really love you should watch these tv shows. Some of the characters you see will motivate you to up your business game. 

2. Destress yourself 

These binge-worthy shows are a great way to destress and forget all the stress. Take a break from your routine and laugh a little. Some of the plots are so funny that they will make you cry. 

3. Learn to handle difficult situations 

Learn to manage difficult situations and folks from characters like Harvey Spectre from Suits. He uses his critical mind to measure matters and solve tough cases.

4. Learn about frauds 

Entrepreneurs should watch these shows to learn about the ugly side of the business. You can learn how scams happen and take measures to avoid somebody scamming you. 

5. Keep up with technology

Shows like shark tank or Planet of the apps keep you updated about technological advancements. As entrepreneurs,  you can find useful information about newer trends in technology and competitor businesses. 


Finally, we hope you find these business tv shows engaging, informative, and motivational. Binge-watch the listed shows on days when you feel low, they will inspire you to be a better entrepreneur and compassionate human being.