Seven Tips on How To Create Eye-Catching Professional Content for You Company’s Business YouTube Channel

YouTube is a vital marketing platform for all types of modern businesses, both big and small. Regularly posting YouTube videos can help improve your website’s SEO, engage your audience in new ways, and even give your business the possibility of going viral.

However, you shouldn’t just upload any old video to your company’s YouTube channel. You want to make sure that all your videos are of high quality, so people will like and share videos and subscribe to your channel.

Do These Seven Things To Make High-Quality YouTube Videos for Your Business

1. Use royalty-free music

Good audio, including music, is an important part of creating polished, professional YouTube videos.

If you want your videos to really catch viewers’ attention on YouTube, royalty-free music is a great way to add soundtracks without breaking the bank.

With royalty-free YouTube music, you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement that could get your videos taken down or result in fines.

When you purchase a license for a royalty-free music track, you actually get the rights to use that track for life, and can use it an unlimited amount of times. This is great if you want all your videos to feature the same intro song, for example.

2. Highlight your brand

No matter what types of videos you’re making, all of them should prominently feature your brand, whether it’s a company logo or a specific product.

Even if you’re making something like a behind the scenes video that shows what life is like at your company’s headquarters, make sure to feature your brand somewhere in the video.

You don’t have to blatantly promote a product or service in all your YouTube videos, but you want to make sure that people start recognizing your brand.

3. Have a goal in mind for each video

As for any type of marketing material, you should set specific goals for each YouTube video to help guide your content creation and ensure you’re publishing content that your audience will love.

For example, your goal for a certain video might be to get X amount of shares or to increase your YouTube channel’s subscribers by X number.

Setting these types of measurable goals makes it much easier to analyze data for your YouTube videos and evaluate their success, so you can see what’s working and what’s not.

To make goal setting easier and more efficient, follow the SMART methodology and make sure each goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

4. Plan videos carefully

You can’t expect to create eye-catching videos if you just press record and start filming without a plan.

So, before you start filming, write out a scene-by-scene description of how your video will go, and write scripts for any videos that feature people talking.

Planning carefully not only helps ensure your videos accomplish what you want, it also makes it easier to cut and edit them in post-production.

Make sure to practice videos before you actually film them, too, including rehearsing dialogue and practicing using good body language and smiling.

5. Use good lighting

Nothing says “unprofessional” like a dark, poorly lit video. To avoid looking like amateurs, make sure you always use plenty of lighting for your YouTube videos.

If you’re filming indoors, consider investing in some professional video lighting equipment that you can move around to achieve different effects.

For example, if you want your videos to be more dramatic, you can use lighting to create strong shadows.

Or, if you want your company to look super modern and professional, you might use a lot of bright white lighting to really make your videos pop.

6. Choose backgrounds carefully

You want your videos to be eye-catching, but not for the wrong reasons — like a dirty desk or a wall full of sticky notes in the background.

Whenever you’re filming a new video, make sure to pick an appropriate background for the type of shoot.

For instance, if you’re recording an employee talking, having them sit or stand in front of a blank wall is an easy way to keep things looking professional.

If you don’t have a clear wall, you can always hang up a sheet, cloth, or piece of paper to create a solid background. 

Also, be careful not to film in front of a window, a mirror, or any other reflective surfaces.

7. Use a good video editing program

The video editing stage of production is where the magic really happens, so make sure to use a good video editing program that lets you do things like add text, images, music, sound effects, and other features to make your videos stand out.

Feel free to play around with things like scene transitions and animations to achieve the look you want for your videos, but try not to go overboard with the special effects, either.

A good rule of thumb is that the cleaner and simpler your video editing is, the more professional your videos will look. In other words, less is usually more.

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