Writing as a Career?

Want to become to take up writing as a career but do not know how to proceed further? Keep reading! There is answer to all your problems here.


What does it take to become a writer?

  • Passion

Any dream just requires one thing to be pursued and that one thing is passion. If you have utmost passion in writing and believe in yourself then no force in this universe can stop you from being one. This is being too optimistic about the situation. Practically, you need to put your one hundred percent in it. Then only will it produce desired results. But do not get demotivated if you didn’t get the desired results in the first attempt. Failures are a part of life. Learn to embrace them. Always carry a positive attitude. Never cease trying.

  • Command over the language

To become a good writer you need to have a strong command over the language. Be it any language. Your grammar should be perfect and vocabulary vast. No one is inherently good in a language. It is attained by devoting time to the language. Read books. A good foundation is built by reading books. Read lots of books. And start writing too.

  • Creativity and imagination

To write new stories one needs a sense of creativity. A vivid sense of imagination helps writers to weave stories in a gripping manner.

  • A keen sense of observation

Where do you suppose to get your inspiration from, you get that from the life and people around you only. Start observing your surroundings in a new light. Watch them from a new perspective. Travel to new locations, meet new people, hear new stories and then create your own!


Writing as a business

To take up writing as a business idea is brilliant. But as all good ideas, it has its share of pros and cons.


It is not a mainstream idea. So you are saved from the cutthroat competition. It is one of the few jobs which allow you to combine your passion and work. You get a chance to taste fame. You get to work from your home. You don’t have fixed working hours. You can simultaneously do other work too.


Though it is not a mainstream idea, but it s success rate is also low as it depends on people’s choice. The first problem every budding writer faces is finding the publishing house to print the book.  J.K.Rowling’s book, the famous harry potter series got published years after it was written. She went from publisher to publisher but, no one was willing to publish the book. So, selling your new idea poses a challenge.

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