What Do the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Do to Stay in Shape?


The titans of the business world often lead crazy lives that beggar belief. You would likely be forgiven if you ever found yourself scratching your head wondering how they managed to fit at least some sleep into their hectic lives – let alone the time for regular exercise.
However, you will likely find that this select group of individuals understand better than anyone that staying fit is a crucial part of their continued success. Numerous studies have shown that regular physical activity can significantly boost your mood, quality of sleep, energy and most importantly – productivity.

To give you an insight into some of these highly successful people’s fitness regimes, Funding Circle have made the Exercising Entrepreneur infographic. Included in this are the exercise routines of 36 of the most accomplished individuals from the world of business, as well as an estimate of how many calories these people burn on a daily and weekly basis.

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle somehow manages to find the time to go sailing on a regular basis, as well as fitting in the occasional session at the gym. This sees him burn approximately 600 calories daily, or 4,299 calories on a weekly basis. Frits van Paasschen, the former CEO of Starwood Hotels, on the other hand, manages to squeeze in a modest 10 mile run every day. This gruelling dedication to his fitness regime sees him burn roughly 1,350 calories each day – or 9,450 calories each week!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for exercise that you can work into your professional life, why not take a look at the Exercising Entrepreneur infographic? You might just find that spark you need that will help you get both your body, and your business into fighting form!


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Shobhit Choudhary is the founder of LifestyleDen, he’s an Entrepreneur, a Multipotentialite and an advocate of Iron Therapy. He believes fitness is a great tool to excel in all the aspects of life.

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  1. When you are an entrepreneur, it should be better that you take care of your body. Don’t stress yourself too much with work but instead have some time in burning calories. This will keep you to be in shape and keep your focus at work.

  2. Being an entrepreneur, you must make your time worthwhile doing things that you like. These entrepreneurs only shows that they still find time to enjoy other things than focusing too much at work. It will keep them stay in shape in order to perform better.

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