Health Hacks for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial lifestyle has many rewards, but it also brings with it new challenges. It’s easy to feel that any time you take away from working is time you’re stealing from yourself and it can be hard to devote the time you need to your own health.

But staying healthy is every bit as important for someone who is self-employed as for anyone else — if not more so. For instance, studies have shown that regular exercise improves memory, confidence, productivity and analytical thinking. If you want to do your best work, you need to invest time in looking after your health. And since making time to exercise isn’t always easy in an entrepreneur’s busy life, here are a few simple health hacks that can help you reap the most benefits when you’re short on time.

Create a commute

If you spend most of your time working from home, it’s important to maintain a routine that stops business from eating into your personal life. One way to do this is to establish a commute. Every morning, “leave for work” by walking or cycling for a set time and do the same thing when you “head home” in the evening.

Use fitness apps

If your business keeps you on the road a lot, it can be difficult to fit in time at the gym. Install a workout app on your phone or mobile device. For instance, running/walking apps can set daily exercise goals for you to achieve and then track the exercise that you do; including routes taken, calories burned and distance covered. Or there are apps that can guide you through a series of bodyweight exercises, to ensure that you stay fit even when you’re on the road.

Watch your nutrition

Low-prep fast food may save time, but it can harm both your physical and mental health. Start your day off with a healthy — but fast — meal of scrambled eggs and greens topped with pumpkin seeds. Eggs provide healthy protein, greens — such as kale and spinach — are rich in vitamins, while the pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium and zinc, which reduce anxiety as well as boosting your immune system. You can also reinforce your diet with multivitamins or sports supplements.

Get out and about

Controlling your own schedule gives you the opportunity to make healthy choices. Try working outside whenever possible. If you travel for your business, getting outside during the day helps minimise the effects of jet lag. Exposure to sunlight is known to improve mood and concentration, as well as boosting your body’s production of Vitamin D.

Each entrepreneur’s routine is different, but everyone’s health needs are similar. Keeping fit will help to lengthen your life and boost your productivity, and for the self-employed and driven entrepreneur that should be topping your personal priorities.

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Shobhit Choudhary is the founder of LifestyleDen, he’s an Entrepreneur, a Multipotentialite and an advocate of Iron Therapy. He believes fitness is a great tool to excel in all the aspects of life.

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