Weekend Activities for Entrepreneurs

activities for entrepreneurs Many excited novice entrepreneurs will tell you that they work all weekend long and all week long. While this seems like the best thing to do on the weekend because you get more done, it’s actually the worst thing you could be doing. That’s right. Working all weekend will burn you out, and could make you want to quit your business before it’s had a chance to get off the ground. So what are entrepreneurs supposed to do on the weekends? The answers may surprise you.


Kick Back and Relax

Entrepreneurs work long hours throughout the week. They meet and overcome challenges. When the weekend comes, they are often exhausted. If they don’t kick back and relax, they could start the new week still exhausted from the week before, which could set them up for an unproductive week.


Reflect and Congratulate

The weekend should be a time when entrepreneurs look back on the week to consider everything good and back that happened. This time of reflection serves a great purpose. It helps people feel good about themselves, and helps them work through some of the problems they didn’t quite tackle during the week.


Spend Time with Family and Friends

Entrepreneurs are busy throughout the week with their business, so it doesn’t leave much time to spend with loved ones. Spending time with them on the weekend is actually worthwhile because it enables people to connect socially, which help them achieve a peaceful balance with work and life.


Plan to Grow

While relaxing and spending time with others, many entrepreneurs think about how they would like to grow their business in the upcoming week. These thoughts don’t have to consume them, they can just be ideas that pop into their mind.



With being so busy all week, entrepreneurs often can’t find the time to exercise. The weekends are perfect to get in extra physical activity. By exercising on Saturday and Sunday for an hour, it almost satisfies the recommended three times a week of exercise requirement. The benefits carry on throughout the week because many people report that exercise can lower stress levels, increase energy, and elevate mood. These are all important to entrepreneurs.


Get Away to Release

For entrepreneurs who can’t break away from work, they may need to physically remove themselves from anything that connects them to it. They take mini-vacation in the form of weekend getaways. By removing themselves from the stress of work, they are able to come back to it with a clearer mind and more energy, which does wonders for their business.


No Work Weekends Start Now

If you’ve been banging your head against the wall week after week because it doesn’t seem like your business is going anywhere, it might be time to take a break. Don’t spend your weekends spinning your wheels. Use them to let go, relax, and let your mind process the information it gathered throughout the week. While you may not think you’re doing anything, you’ll soon realize that the hours you think you’re being lazy are actually the hours that your body and mind are using to regain strength to lead you to the success you’re hoping for in your business.

What other weekend activities do you do?

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  1. I definitely need a no work weekend! It’s just so hard to find the time to do that.

  2. I spent all Saturday asleep because the baby kept me up all night. Does that count? 😛

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