Work Life Balance is Essential for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people.  They are creating companies, turning thoughts into ideas, and networking like crazy to get their start-up off the ground.  However, many entrepreneurs don’t always remember the importance of work-life balance.  Maybe their work is so much their passion, that their lives are really balanced?  But the real question is would their parents, spouses, significant others, or friends agree?

Here are some simple steps to improving your work-life balance.


Delegate and Outsource

Do you feel like you are doing everything?  Chances are, you are doing more than you should be.  Look at tasks that you can delegate and outsource.  It may be hard at first, as there will be a learning curve for whoever assumes the tasks you give up.  However, once they are up to speed, you will be much more balanced as you will have time to focus on other things.

Don’t know what tasks to outsource?  Check out The Most Commonly Outsourced Jobs.


Take Your Vacation

If you’re starting a small business, chances are you don’t have a formal vacation plan.  Well, there is no better time to get one than the present.  Make up a vacation plan, even if you are a one-person company.  It is essential that you get the time out of the office you deserve to recharge your batteries.

If you work for a company, make sure that you take ALL of your annual vacation.  It is part of your job to do this.  Failing to take your vacation is the equivalent of leaving money on the table – you are essentially paying yourself less each year since you are working more for the same salary.


Cut Off Communication at Home

Are you attached to your email?  Do you pick up your phone everytime it lights up, and respond instantly?  Does your phone sit on the dining room table during dinner?  STOP!  You need to cut off the work communication once you are at home.  There is no reason that email can’t wait until: 1) the morning when you are back at work, or 2) your family is asleep.  Maximize the time you have with you family by keeping it work-free.  Turn off your phone or keep it in another room so that you are not tempted to read everything that goes across the screen.


Follow Through on Commitments

If you have a family waiting for you, you MUST follow through on commitments.  Work is always there, but your children’s sports games are not.  Make sure that you commit to your family’s time, and that you follow through once you do.  If you must, calendarize it like you would a work meeting to force yourself to be present.  Nothing comes before family commitments.


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