The Most Common Types of Outsourced Jobs

Outsourcing is a term that goes in and out of many people’s mouth very often nowadays. You might get the idea that it pertains to the corporate and professional world, but what is it really? How can different parties (businesses and freelancers) benefit from it? What are the different types of outsourcing jobs that companies can avail of from outsourcing companies and freelancers?

A lot of companies opt to outsource some of their business processes because of an ultimate reason: it is cost efficient. It also saves them the trouble of managing and training employees. All they have to do is find a reliable outsourcing company or a freelancer and give the details of the job that they want to have done. Transactions that involve the outsourcing of business processes is normally hassle free. This is why a lot of companies just choose to outsource instead of looking for and hiring new employees.

Below are the types of outsourcing jobs that companies can avail from outsourcing companies and freelancers.

Web Administration

Web administrators are essentially system architects who are accountable for the materialization and design of an internet or intranet website. Web administrators are also referred to as system administrators. They are responsible for the architecture of a website, website testing, forum moderation, installation of content management software and server management.


Online Marketing

Online marketers are responsible for promoting and advertising organizations, businesses, services and products over the Internet. They practice e-marketing. Aside from implementing marketing strategies itself, they are also responsible for analyzing social marketing trends. Online marketers are also commonly knowledgeable of affiliate software management, affiliate marketing, keyword research, online advertising, and pay-per-click or PPC software management.


Web Development

Web developers are responsible for what’s happening behind every website that you see over the Internet. They create and complete the programming codes that make up the web pages that internet users browse and use for interaction. Web developers are expected to be skilled in MySQL, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, FTP and other basic graphic designing skills. He or she should also be knowledgeable of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. A website developer is also responsible for resolving any glitches in the website that he or she is handling.


Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants are responsible for utilizing the latest and most advanced technological manners of data delivery and organization, customer support and communication. Virtual assistants are essentially online secretaries. Thus, aside from exceptional organizational skills, they are also expected to have good communication skills (oral and written). They should also have remarkable typing skills. They may work on different types of clerical tasks such as research, customer support, transcription and transcribing, travel planning and scheduling, among many others.


Link Building

Link building is one of the greatest SEO strategies known today. Link builders have the natural knack at using software and programs to their advantage. They are also expected to have exceptional research and analyzing skills – they should know what’s hot and what’s not in terms of where they should put their links.


Web Content Writing

Writers are in a pedestal when it comes to the outsourcing business. They are responsible for web content articles that should be efficient enough to drive traffic to a website. The articles written by online writers are basically used for online marketing. Web content can be considered as the blood of the websites that you see all over the Internet.

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  1. Thanks for your post. I think there are still other outsourced jobs aside from what you mentioned on your posts. Most job outsourced are call center jobs in Philippines and India.

    • This is a challenge.

      (I do my best to be understanding/ helpful.) To me, it is almost ‘the same’- some people that could have, done on-line work, or something in a store; can not have a job-etc., because of varied reasons. (For me, it is preferred to work, learn, or help at a store.)
      -I am really quiet & appreciative of all people, leaning, /etc. do ‘learn’ ‘better’ in a classroom, mainly. -Sorry.

      Both are important.

      Thanks- gracias- Sorry- Have a Safe Day.

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