Why Your Company Needs a Design Studio

Every company knows that it needs promotion that stands out amid a crowded field, but taking the first step to achieving this is altogether more difficult. One of the directions high-profile companies are increasingly turning is towards design studios, and there are many good reasons why.

Small and Big Enough

Design studios are often structured in a way that enables them to be both responsive and adaptable to your needs, while being big enough to fully deliver on complex and important projects. It should be like working with your own in-house design team.

There are important things to look out for when you need to work with a graphic designer at a design studio, and a flat hierarchy is definitely one of them. In other words, there shouldn’t be any middlemen between your company and the artistic directors and strategists actually doing the work on your campaign.

This way, clients are involved at every step of the process. This has a few benefits: it ensures that they have given their approval at every stage of the project, and it keeps the creative team close enough to the client to fully assimilate and then communicate their brand.

Modern Marketing Experts

When companies hire a design studio to take charge of their advertising, what they’re really looking for is guidance in a complex and constantly evolving industry. It’s not just about good design; it’s about how to translate the company’s brand across all the mediums that people today consume.

digital services

Perhaps you mostly associate graphic design studios with print materials, but today’s design studios are experts in advertising, branding, digital services, illustration, video, animation, and even environmental branding needs.

They won’t merely create these forms of ads for you; they will navigate this space and tell you how to optimize each one in the way that makes the most sense for your company. Design studios are at the forefront of a changing industry, and are the best people to recommend new forms of advertising.

Past and Future

Design studios are more than capable of creating first-rate print ads, but they’re also well positioned to be innovative and nimble when it comes to digital and video ads. If you’re looking for experts who understand both the methods of the past and where advertising is going in the future, you want a design studio’s help.

Actually there isn’t a wall between these worlds: digital ads benefit from traditional print skills, so it’s impossible to only be one or the other. When you engage graphic designers, you don’t need to choose — your integrated marketing campaigns and digital ads will be produced by artists grounded in traditional print skills.

All the ways that technology and the advertising and branding industries change can be daunting. Marketing is a big investment, and nobody wants to take the wrong steps. It can be a waste of money and a wasted opportunity. You can feel confident that you’ll get the benefit of both industry expertise and the highest quality artists when your company hires graphic designers.

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