The Graphic Design Software Your Company Needs in 2019

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Graphic design is extremely important for many companies, and having the right software to ensure your graphics are at their best has never been more important. Whether you are just starting out in the graphic design field within your company or you want to know what the best of the best is, here are a few pieces of software your company needs in 2019.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Many of the Adobe programs are tailored for the use of graphic designers in companies to produce outstanding graphics. One of the most well-known programs, Adobe Creative Cloud is still as popular in 2019 as it has been for years. This is an integrated graphic design environment in which you can print for publish and use both on the web and on mobile. These programs are made for experienced graphic designers in mind and come with a higher price tag, but if you have the skills to use this program to its best ability, the price is worth the designs that can be produced. Going through Adobe training such as Platform Training or within Adobe’s free courses, you can definitely improve your creative skills in using Adobe.


If your company works with the news or the media, is a content team, or you specialize in creating videos, Rocketium is perfect for you. This is a cloud-based software and allows companies to make their own videos, as well as images, voiceovers, motion graphics, text and footages. This software gives you the chance to customize templates for all different platforms. Your team can even work in collaboration on video projects and share opinions, all in one space.

Affinity Designer

For those smaller businesses looking for a more affordable version than the Adobe products, Affinity Designer contains all the features that are needed, with a lower price tag. This product allows you to do most of what Adobe Illustrator can do, including manipulating nodes and vector art. Serif, the maker of this application is a large brand that is becoming more popular within the graphic design market in 2019.


Not all design is equal, and for specialist designs such as printed circuit boards (PCB’s), you need a specialist program that allows for this. If your company needs an economically-priced PCB design software, CircuitStudio from Altium allows you to effortlessly and quickly design advanced PCB layouts. With the use of Situs Autorouting technology and compatible with Eagle technology, this is the ideal program for all designers specializing in PCB


This program is easy to use and for those just starting up in graphic design, it comes with thousands of templates to help you get started. You can customize these templates to fit your business theme and Crello comes with a free version, so you can trial it before purchase. This is an especially good software for those who want to create posts for social media, allowing you to create your own GIF’s.

With so many competitors in all business fields, having graphic design software that allows new and professional designers to work at their best is essential. Many programs offer free trials meaning you can try before you buy, ensuring you find the perfect product for your business.

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