Unlimited Graphic Design Service? An Honest Review of Penji

When you’re starting a business, or getting an existing business on to an online platform — you might be surprised with the sheer amount of design work that’s involved. Designing a website, social media content, branding, banners: the list goes on. And if you run a blog or content site: there’s no dearth of graphic design there either. 

Scouting for a good graphic designer is not only time-consuming, but can also be expensive. If you’re pouring through search results on freelancer websites like Fiverr, you’ve probably realised that it can be affordable for a one-time gig, but the bill piles on as your design tasks do as well. 

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That’s why Unlimited Design Service can sound incredibly appealing. Penji is incredibly easy as well as affordable; and gives you access to some of the best graphic designers out there. We tried out Penji for ourselves and have written this detailed review to let you know if the service is right for you. 


The sign-up itself for Penji was really easy, as it just takes a few minutes to fill in your information and subscribe to any of the three plans. Check out the Penji pricing to know which plan would suit you or your organization best. 

Penji pricing plan

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There are unlimited design projects in all plans. The Pro plan is best suited for graphic design content requirements, while the Team plan is best for website and app design. You’ll also have to choose Team plan if you have illustration requirements. 

Penji Designers

You can be rest assured about the quality of graphic designers in Penji: as the vetting process is stringent. The graphic designers are given a difficult series of tasks to complete to see if they can follow strict deadlines: and only about 2% of all applicants actually make it through. Having the reassurance and guarantee that you’re dealing with skilled professionals can make the entire process stress-free — and the work really shows. 

Design Projects

You have unlimited design projects in a month. As you assign more, they’ll queue up and get completed as each one is finished. If you select the Agency plan, you have not one but two designers to work on your projects. Each project could be handled by the same designer or someone specialized in the type of project according to your requirement. 

When you fill out your request form, you can be as vague or detailed as you like. You can select your Brand colors that you’d like them to include and even provide sample or reference material. 

Once your project is submitted and you’re assigned a designer, you can talk to them and have a back-and-forth conversation about the deliverables. Communication with the designers and the account managers are incredibly pleasant — one of the first things you notice is how uplifting and chirpy everyone is at Penji, never with the creative ‘moodiness’ or defensiveness one usually associates with talented graphic designers. 

Turn Around Time

Here is one of the best features about Penji. The turn around time for a project that you submit to Penji is between 24 hours to 48 hours. The designers will usually send across a couple of drafts by the next day itself! This is way faster than freelance designers who usually take around 3 days to submit a single draft. 


You have access to unlimited revisions for the project that’s currently undergoing progress! There are no additional charges for this process, and you get to talk directly to the designer. There’s also a tool where you can directly highlight one part of the design and leave feedback for the designer. This really helps in communication. You can select one particular section and add a comment right there. 

All revisions happen within one day itself, and the designers are perfectly willing and understanding with your expectations and requirements, no matter how many times you ask them to change something. 

Is it Right for you? 

When you consider the monthly fee for all three plans, it actually works out to a fraction of the cost that you would spend trying to hire freelance designers on an hourly basis, with the same quality or worse. 

If you have a lot of design work that needs to be done, Penji is a perfect option for you. But it may not work out to be cost-effective if you only need a few projects to be done. However, remember that you can unsubscribe at any time you want!

Try out the Penji graphic design service today for your business and design requirements!

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