Why Getting a Serviced Apartment in Australia is a Great Option

Australia is one of the biggest destinations for students and tourists alike across the world. A country that has a history of widespread immigration, worldwide tourism, and housing one of the biggest universities in the world needs more and more temporary housing options each year.

With the popularity of metropolitan cities like Melbourne and Sydney, which are currently the second and third most livable cities in the world respectively according to EIU’s Global Liveability Ranking, there is a massive need for housing which cannot be satisfied with the hotels and even services like Airbnb alone. With the scarcity and expensiveness of hotels in these modern cities, folks are left with the option of renting serviced apartments in Australia


With most of the tourist attractions and universities being in the heart of these cities in Australia, it is rather convenient to find a space to live in the city itself. The high hotel prices and prebooking of Airbnb accommodations – given that the large cities in Australia rarely have an off-season – means you need to find another cheaper and convenient option.

This is where serviced apartments come into the picture. They are 15-30% cheaper, are more spacious, and provide more privacy. They also provide a kitchen that can cut down the cost of food significantly. Living for a significant amount of time away from home can cause health issues because of eating out on a regular basis. A kitchen tackles that problem for you by providing you means to cook your own food.

They are way cheaper as compared to hotels while providing services like room service, housekeeping, fitness center, laundry area, and concierge, not to mention they are fully furnished, satisfying all your day-to-day requirements. It is a perfect blend of what’s good with apartments and hotels – the best of both worlds!

Most apartments in CBD of Australian cities are owned for investment purposes, meaning rarely any owners actually live in the apartments, most Australians live in the suburbs with barbeques and grills (such an Aussie thing to do!), consequently, there is no scarcity of apartments to rent in the city.

Doesn’t matter what the purpose of your trip is, you can book these apartments for as less as a day to months on end, giving you the feel of home away from home. If you’re on a business trip these apartments will provide you with good transport connections and central locations closer to your offices.

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