Kitchen Countertop Guide: How to Find the Best Value Stone for Your Money

When someone steps into your kitchen, the first thing they will notice is your kitchen countertop. This because it is the most used and covers a large area of your kitchen. There are several choices when it comes to choosing; which is the best stone countertop for your kitchen. Stones such as; granite marble, soapstone, and quartz can be relied upon to provide you with the right type of countertop.

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You cannot just change your kitchen countertop for the sake. The stone you decide to use should add value to your kitchen and home as a whole. It should be an improvement on the previous material. It might be a little challenging to improve if you are working on a limited budget but, if you study the market with an open mind, you will realize there is a way you can get the best value stone for your money.

What makes a stone valuable? What features should you look for in your material of choice? The information that follows gives you an insight into what features your countertop stone should have to add value to your kitchen and home as a whole.

1. Durability

It does not matter how much you enjoy changing your kitchen countertops- you will still not want to have to change it regularly. Your choice of stone should stand the test of time. The countertop material should be durable and scratch-resistant. This is probably the most significant aspect your countertop should have.

The stone you choose will add value to your kitchen and home if it is durable. For example, granite countertops are not easily scratched compared to soapstone counters that cannot easily withstand scratches.

2. Functionality

An item is only valuable to you if it can fulfill all its functions. Think about all the activities in your kitchen, will your choice of stone provide you with the right environment to perform your duties. For example, countertops made from engineered stone are best for a busy kitchen.

3. Maintenance

A countertop is only valuable if it makes work easier for you. You do not want a countertop that will be a nightmare to maintain. Your choice of stone should be one that requires minimal maintenance. Granite, for example, hardly needs any form of sustenance. All you have to do is to wipe in case of any liquid spill or use detergent when cleaning.

4. Aesthetics

Perhaps the first thing anyone will notice in your kitchen is the appearance of your countertop material. You want something that will add more life and beauty to your kitchen. Create a view that will enlighten your mood every time you visit your kitchen. Choose a color that complements those already in your kitchen.

When it comes to aesthetics, every person has his preferences. This way, if you are remodeling your kitchen with intentions of selling your house, make sure the worth of the stone you’re using is easily noticed. However, this is different if you are remodeling your kitchen for personal reasons, where you can use the stone that most appeals to your aesthetic values.

5. Eco-friendly

Your kitchen needs to be free of bacteria, that can cause illnesses, at all time. Your choice of countertop should be one that cannot host any types of bacteria or dirt. The countertop material you choose is only valuable if it does not risk your life or those of your family members. A stone such as granite requires sealing to prevent it from harboring bacteria.

6. Types of Stones

After analyzing the features that make a countertop material valuable, here are the different types of stones you can use for your kitchen countertop. Each stone has its advantages and disadvantages, decide on which fits both your budget and preferences.

7. Granite

If you are looking for a material that will add aesthetic value to your kitchen, then granite will be the best stone for your countertop. Granite is a hard stone formed by volcanic reactions; thus, making it durable and scratch proof. When correctly sealed granite is both stain and bacteria-resistant. Granite is also available in diverse shades of colors.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of deciding to use granite is its price. According to Marble, granite countertop cost expectations range from $40 to $60 per square meter for a slab. For a tile, the price ranges from $5 to $15. You are likely to spend between $2000 to $4, 500 from buying the material to installation. The price seems to be a little high- although if you are looking for a stone that will give you the value for your money, then granite is your best choice.

8. Marble

If you are looking to add an advanced and comfortable look to your kitchen, then there is no better material than marble. Its checkered patterns combined with its wide range of colors make, for such a sophisticated look.

The price of a marble countertop might be discouraging. You can get one for an average price of $60. It also stains easily and to avoid this use a silicone sealer, which will ensure it does not stain.

9. Quartz (Engineered Stone)

Made from 90 percent quartz combined with other minerals, it is the hardest of the natural stones. Its hardness makes it durable and easy to maintain, making it perfect for a busy kitchen. It’s a beautiful stone that will add value to your kitchen.

The price of quartz ranges from $50 to $100 per square foot, this including installation. Its price might be the only stumbling block you are likely to face- although if you take into account its performance, it will surpass your expectations.

10. Soapstone

Soapstone is one of the smoothest stone you can use for your kitchen countertop. Even though it is soft, it is still heat resistant and non-porous. Features that make it suitable for a kitchen countertop.

One of its disadvantages is that it scratches easily and it may darken after being used for a while. The price of soapstone ranges from $70 to $120 per square foot. It might seem a bit pricy, but considering the value it will add to your home, it is worth it.

Final Thought

It is essential to get the value for your money when choosing your preferred choice of countertop. The information above should give you an insight into what makes a stone valuable and the types of stones you can choose to use for your countertop.

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