What You Need To Know Before Renting A Serviced Office


Setting up your own office can be tedious and time consuming. You are going to experience all sorts of hardships before you achieve your desired office. Your office is going to need premium quality furniture in order to attract more clients and customers. This may also boost productivity in many businesses. However, another option of having an office is to use a serviced office for rent.

What is a serviced office for rent?

Serviced office for rent is a room space that is specifically designed as a rental office. This office space is fully equipped with the essentials required for an office. It offers a flexible lease functionality which may allow you to change your location if desired. This will also free you from thinking about yearly contracts.

Why should you use a serviced office for rent?

1. Can be used immediately

Serviced offices for rent are office space units that can be used instantly. These types of offices are built and designed with ready-to-use furnitures. It is fully furnished and made specifically for office purposes. The office furniture are expected to be of high quality because it is rented from a prestigious company. Utilities are already installed so you wouldn’t bother with adding those components.

2. No furniture waiting times

Setting up your own office takes up a lot of time. These setups require purchasing and waiting for furniture to arrive, setting up utilities, and other related setups for your office. All of these setups require long hours or even up to days. With a serviced office for rent you wouldn’t worry about those anymore. Everything is already in place and can be used immediately.

3. Flexible leases

Serviced office for rent has flexible lease terms. This means you only have to pay for the office and for how long you are going to stay. Many offices do long-term leases or at least a 1-year-contract. With a service office for rent, you are not going to worry about dealing with long-term contracts. These rental offices only offer a monthly contract.

4. You can pick your own location

office location

There are lots of companies offering service offices for rent in the city.

With one month contracts, you may be able to explore where you really want your office operations to take place. You may change your location if you feel like your business in your current location is not growing. You will be able to compare and contrast how each location differs and which is the best for you. This is very advantageous for your loyal clients if your office is near their locations.

5. Prestigious address and space

Most serviced offices for rent are located in big companies. With the prestigious space provided by the company, your business address can be appealing to some customers. This will let your customers know about your credibility and legitimacy. This prestigious space may be beneficial mostly for small businesses. They may enjoy lower overhead costs that are related to service offices.

What is JustCo?

JustCo is Asia Pacific’s leading premium flexible workspace provider. It was established in 2011 and headquartered in Singapore. JustCo offers a high quality and standard serviced office for rent. With a range of affordable pricing options, JustCo offers the best serviced offices for rent in Singapore. Along with JustCo’s services, members may also enjoy exclusive events, access to the network, share ideas, and other premium benefits.

Why should you choose JustCo?

JustCo aims to grow your success with the idea that it prospers with connectivity. They create high quality serviced offices for businesses who aim to be successful. They designed their workspace with creativity and innovation on their minds. They will help your business grow and soar high in the industry. JustCo sets your office workspace perfect for your needs.

Benefits of JustCo Membership

1. Co-working networks

As one of the industry leaders in asia pacific, JustCo has one of the largest co-working networks. This means that you are able to choose where you want to work from any JustCo center. This will also boost your credibility because JustCo is widely known in Asia Pacific cities.

2. Membership plans

JustCo offers flexible short and long term membership plans. These membership plans are based on how your business will operate. Aside from that, JustCo members will be able to enjoy premium benefits.

3. Daily necessities

JustCo provides their members with daily necessities. They take pride in their excellent community teams in taking care of the daily needs of their clients. Their community teams are well-trained and are ready to serve with the best that they can. They will assist you with your IT, security and admin service needs.

4. Premium furnitures

JustCo offers premium furniture for their members. They have invested on excellent quality and ergonomically-friendly furniture. These premium furnitures will be able to help increase productivity and health in the work environment. This will surely ensure that your staff will be pleased to work everyday. These premium furnitures will also be appealing for future clients and customers.

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