Why Can’t You Play All the Casino Games With Your Bonus?

One of the biggest draws of online casinos is their bonus and promo feature that has many people attracted. Most people select online casinos based on how big the signup bonus is. There are sites like the William Hill online promo code site that allow you to use promo codes on online casinos to get cool offers.

While it is smart to know about all the promos and bonuses being offered, comparing them, and then choosing the one that is the most beneficial, it is also important to know about the terms and conditions associated with said offerings.


Restricted Games

One of the main clauses that players struggle with is the games that they can play with the bonus funds. Not all games are accessible to play with the help of your bonus fund. If you do not know this, then it can become a source of frustration. 

You will need to meet the casino’s wagering requirements to be able to use your bonus fund; even then, the restrictions affect your bonuses in different ways.

Wagering Requirements

As talked about before, you will need to meet the casino’s wagering requirement even before you start playing. You cannot use your bonus funds, as is, a lot of times. If you enjoy slots and want to play on slot machines, then you will have to consider that.

The Role of Games on Wagering Requirements

Picking the right game will count toward your wagering and use of the bonus funds. For slot games, the majority of the online casinos allow your gameplay to count 100 percent toward the wagering requirement set. 

On the other hand, they will not allow the same for a table game like blackjack, which means your gameplay will not be counted 100 percent toward your wagering requirements. 

While this is not the case always, it still represents how different games affect your bonuses and wagering requirements act.

  • Games that have a lower house edge, meaning higher odds of winning than other games, often mean that the casinos will lower the wagering contributions for them or even exclude them entirely from their bonus offerings. 
  • Popular games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat are also often excluded or have a lower amount of wagering contributions toward your bonus wagering requirements.
  • Progressive jackpot games are another thing that you can’t play using your bonus, but nowadays, some online casinos do allow you to wager with your bonus on this game.

Why are There Wagering Requirements and Restrictions?

While wagering requirements and restrictions seem like an unnecessary headache, they are placed in order to protect the bonuses and promos that the casinos offer. Imagine someone signing up and getting the welcome bonus, then withdrawing it and never coming back. This will put the business in loss, so the terms and conditions are a necessity.

Final Thoughts

Bonuses and promos are often game-specific. So if you lean toward a particular type of game, then you should look for bonuses that are aimed toward those games. This way, you won’t struggle much with restricted games.

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