New Zealand’s Land Casinos in Crisis while Online Gambling is Booming

The Coronavirus outbreak expands its toll on many global businesses. This is one of the biggest concerns for the world’s economy. After shutting Australian casinos, the casino giant ‘SkyCity Entertainment Group SKC.NZ’ prepares for closure in New Zealand. The Chief executive Graeme Stephens said that Coronavirus had caused a big impact on businesses, people, and the global economy. He also said that similar to shopping centers, casinos have multiple smaller areas within a wider boundary. These areas can be used in flexible ways to comply with intensified mass gathering constraints and social distancing requirements.


In line with the Australian Government, SkyCity shut its casino in Adelaide and many properties in New Zealand. The casino operator has also withdrawn its annual earnings. However, where the land-based casino is in crisis as people are not visiting casinos anymore, the offshore online casino real money in NZ is booming.  

Online Gambling in New Zealand to Avoid COVID-19 Exposure

Many people from all over the world visit New Zealand to enjoy world-class gambling. Sadly, the emergence of COVID-19 has put a pause on it. Casinos have undergone some strict regulations by the Department of Internal Affairs. With the spreading of deadly Coronavirus, social gathering has been outlawed by the government. To encourage social distancing, many brick and mortar casinos are forced to close their doors to the public. Since most of the New Zealand population is in quarantine, they have more spare time to enjoy their favorite casino games. In fact, according to the authority website Real Money Casinos New Zealand’s online gambling sites are reporting tremendous revenue increases compared to the last few years. 

Not only this, but most land-based casinos have their online branches that result in a rise in the players. Despite restrictions for the land-based casinos, the online sites will save many businesses, along with providing a safe environment for the people to enjoy their favorite pastime. 

The online casino offers a wide assortment of games that gamblers can play in the comfort of their home. Today, an increasing number of New Zealanders are playing and betting online. Be it Poker or rolling slots; the online sites make it happen. 

Online Casino During Pandemic 

With land-based casinos closure during the lockdown in New Zealand, many people are confined to home. This has brought people towards online casinos. The casino has lots of different games like slot games, poker, and more. The online casino real money in NZ has nothing to do with the outside world, so it continues to delight gamblers with new wins. Some of the popular online casino games that you can enjoy during lockdown are Roulette, poker baccarat and blackjack. 

Variety of casino bonuses

COVID-19 did not affect the online world. So, when it comes to casino bonuses, there are many options to choose from—for instance, new player bonuses, sign-up bonuses, welcome bonuses, etc. The average bonus amount you will get is $100, so if a casino website is offering more than that, you should look carefully at the fine print. There are also reload bonuses and no deposit bonuses, which are quite popular among New Zealanders. Reload bonuses keep the account reloaded so that they can continue gambling, whereas no-deposit bonuses don’t require depositing any money. 

Safe and Secure Transaction

The online casino real money in NZ offer a wide range of payment options. For example, a debit card, a credit card, a quick debit service, or a bank transfer. Apart from these, you can also use payment methods like MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, Visa, and Neteller. All the transactions made using online methods are 100% safe and secure.


Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, a large number of players go to online casinos every day. While all land-based casinos in New Zealand are closed due to this fast spreading outbreak, there is still a chance to keep the clientele online. It is believed that when COVID-19 gets over, the gambling industry will go to a new level altogether with both online casinos and land-based casinos. 

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