Why Are Surgical Masks the Perfect Mask for COVID-19?

The emergence of the novel Coronavirus has devastated many lives as it has led to deaths and infections in a very short time. The infection rate also remains high, forcing governments to issue restrictions and lockdowns to counter the rising number of infections. 

One of the common practices that have gained prominence to curb infection rate is the wearing of masks. 


As a result, various types of masks have emerged to beat the market and prove efficiency. The Center for Disease Control has cited the wearing of masks as one practice that will help flatten the curve of Covid-19 infections. 

As such, the surgical mask has proven to be the perfect mask in taming the Coronavirus for the following reason. 

They Offer Ultimate Protection

Protection from the deadly virus is the first thing you should consider when reaching out for a mask. The surgical masks have proven to provide ultimate protection since they cover critical facial openings that contribute significantly to the Covid-19 spread. 

Notably, the surgical mask completely covers the mouth and the nose, protecting you from external pathogens that could easily come into contact with these openings and definitely into your body. 

The mouth and nose covering have been very helpful as they prevent you from inhaling the virus when infected people sneeze and cough. 

Similarly, wearing the mask would prevent you from spreading the virus to others as it traps your saliva and breath particles when you sneeze, breathe, or talk. In addition, the physical form of the mask has three layers that separate the external contact with the internal. 

As you may have learned from the media and health guidelines, you should not touch the outer part of your used mask as it could have blocked virus-prone particles from interactions or the air. 

Surgical Masks Are Easy to Use

Although the surgical mask has three layers that provide ultimate protection, it can only be used once to maintain hygiene and avoid the possibility of infection. In contrast to other masks that can be worn several times and washed, the surgical mask should be disposed of once used and replaced by a new one. 

This aspect of the mask makes it unique as it reduces the chances of infection brought about by contact during washing and storage. With this type of mask, you do not need to record the contacts you have made since you will have to dispose of the mask after all. The masks also require no experience since they have ear loops attached to them, making them easy to use for children and adults. 

When disposing of these masks, it is advisable to ensure that they don’t contaminate the environment or put other people at risk. Therefore, the best thing would be to dispose of the masks only in covered bins and, if possible, burn them since they are a medical waste that could spell doom for the entire community if disposed of carelessly. 

Will I Feel Comfortable in These Masks?

The fact that you should wear a mask whenever you are in public does not mean that you should sacrifice your comfort and ability to breathe. We have seen people struggle with masks made of hard materials that do not support breathability. These problems could be severe as a shortage of breath could affect your respiration and cause other issues unrelated to what you are trying to prevent. 

Therefore, you should consider your comfort as you carry on with your daily activities while protecting against Covid-19. With a surgical mask, you are sure to experience the best air circulation as they are made of cotton that allows easy penetration of air. The experience with the surgical masks will enable you to proceed with daily activities and prevent the possibility of other conditions that might arise due to shortness of breath. 

In addition, you don’t need to wear a mask that makes you feel as if you are wearing a helmet, which could look awkward, especially in meetings and presentations. The surgical mask is presentable and lightweight, relieving the pressure that comes with all other heavyweight masks. 

They Are Readily Available

Surgical masks have been there even before the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many people have had any experience with them. Therefore, they are not masks that you need to introduce to your kids or friends. 

Besides, the production infrastructure has been in the industry for an extended period meaning that the industry did not have to struggle with logistics or supply. These aspects made the surgical masks available in every corner as they are an option you will find in your nearest retail store. 

Notably, other types of masks are customized and are mostly supplied as per demand and affordability. Most government agencies that have intervened to help society cope with the menace have opted to provide the surgical masks for free as they have realized their usability and effectiveness among the population. 

Since the mask is simple to use, it comes with affordable prices as compared to respirators. It is the simplicity of these masks that have made them the most preferred. Considering the economic impact that the pandemic has caused, it is just human to use a mask that provides protection during such a dire situation. 

Surgical masks have proven to offer the perfect protection from Covid-19 infection. The availability of these masks around the world has made them popular and confirmed their significance both in medical use and for corona protection. Therefore, if you plan to purchase masks for your family and dear ones, you should consider the surgical masks as you are sure to get the full benefit. 

Since Covid-19 is not something to gamble with, you should opt for disposable surgical masks rather than reusable masks to expose you to the virus when cleaning or handling them.

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