Tips to Prevent Yourself from Corona Infection

Covid 19 was declared a world pandemic in the year 2019 after it was first reported in China. Its respiratory detrimental impact took many lives especially the old aged ones. Kratom Krush has a variety of strains available, depending on your health requirements and what you’re looking to gain out of their consumption. Before people turned into masks and sanitizers, things were already out of hands and governments were spending billions to curb the spread. Up to date, the virus is still present and people need to be cautious. Below are some of the ways to help reduce the infection.

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Always Keep one-meter physical distance from each Other

Corona spreads from one person to another through the body fluids and respiratory droplets. When someone speaks near you, coughs or sneezes near you, you are most likely going to acquire the virus. For this reason, it is important to make sure you keep a one-meter physical distance. See more about the best kratom capsules available, their effects, dosages, and the benefits you can reap.

Avoid Touching Surfaces Carelessly

If you can keep your hands inside your pockets when in town, that would be the best option for you. Ensure you don’t easily touch the surfaces such as table tops, counter, vehicle surfaces and grocery services. This means you will not be at risk of acquiring the disease any time. If you have a habit of always placing your hands on the surfaces, you might touch the fluids and respiratory droplets from infected people. Take care and make sure you are always on the safe side. If possible, avoid visiting places where a large crowd normally visits.

Always Carry Your Sanitizer

It is not a guarantee that you will keep your hands off the infectious surfaces. You may even meet your friend who might be infected and shake hands with him or her. By the way, you shouldn’t hug or shake hands but sometimes emotions carry people away from reality and make them shake hands and hug each other. For you to ensure you are always protected, carry your sanitizer wherever you go so that you sanitize your hands every now and then. Every time you touch a surface or shake hands with a person, take your sanitizer and cleanse your hands.

Wear a Mask and Make Sure You Cover Your Nose

Wearing a mask that covers your nose and your mouth can prevent the covid strains from reaching your respiratory tract. You will be able to breath only your air and not droplets from other people who may be infected. To increase the protective efficiency of the mask, make sure you wear a surgical mask that doesn’t allow droplets to pass through. The N-95 is the most recommended mask and it will provide sufficient air and still protect you from the Covid 19 virus.


Covid 19 affects the lungs that it can cause difficulty in breathing or even lung collapse. This means if you progress to severe cases, you will need to be hospitalized under the intensive care unit and put on oxygen support for several days in order for you to survive. Why should you put yourself in such a risk? Follow the above preventive measures and you will always be safe. Always make sure you don’t go out if you don’t have an important task to do there. If you experience any signs of covid infection, make sure you call the medical personnel, don’t go and intermingle with people because doing so might spread the virus further.

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