What your Work Glasses say About you

Choosing glasses to wear at work is something we all think we can do in our lunch hour. It’s simple enough, right? We’re not looking to strut the catwalks of Paris and Milan. We just need work glasses. Something to help us see clearly from 9 to 5. Then, when we start to browse our options, we realise that things may not be so simple after all. However, if you need a new pair of reading glasses for work, help is at hand. Let’s look at some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing your work glasses.


1. Honesty / reliability / trustworthiness

We each lean towards trusting people who look like they have their affairs in order. Things like choice of haircut, choice of shoes, speech patterns, clothing, eye contact, and the volume at which someone speaks can all be a dead giveaway that a person is either switched on and knows how to pull all of these things together, or is oblivious to the messy way that they interact with the world and therefore might not be the best person to trust when it comes to asking for help. In essence, if your glasses are garish and do not seem to fit the situation, people might think that you are less honest, less reliable, and less trustworthy. Whereas if you have matched the style of your glasses to the type of work you do, people will have a very visual clue that you are someone who can be trusted to get things right.

2. Approachability 

This is all about frame choice. Have you ever noticed that in films where the lead villain is in close up (perhaps a mad scientist), they are often wearing rimless frames with small and narrow lenses? This isn’t by accident, it’s by design. Likewise, when costume designers want to make a character look insignificant and helpless, they choose oversized clothing and glasses that are so big that they require constant adjustment to stay in place. Glasses can reduce your approachability to a narrow and piercing look, and glasses can open up your level of approachability to ‘friendly’ and ‘kind’ looking. Where you choose to land on that particular sliding scale is up to you, but make sure you pay attention to whether the glasses you choose fit the level of approachability you wish to present to the world.   

3. General personality

Like it or not, your glasses sit on your face and announce your arrival and say things about you without you even uttering a single word. Typically, the link between glasses and personality comes down to the colour of the frame and the size of the lens in terms of height and width. The more neutral the colour (grey, silver, brown, black), the more neutral the kind of personality you are displaying. The larger the lens size, the larger the likelihood that the wearer will be eager to express opinion. The smaller the lens height and width, the smaller the frame around the eyes, giving away that the wearer is likely to be more insular and thoughtful.

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