Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away From Taking Expert Opinions

I have always focused a lot on having good mentors. When you are starting out, it is important to connect with people who know more about the trade than you because experiences can teach you things that no theory in the world can.

Many people understand the need of having a mentor and learning from them, but most are still dicey about getting expert opinion when they gain some momentum. While you hold pride in having knowledge about your trade, there is always going to someone who is better at something than you are.


Even when you are doing great in an area, it does no harm to get an expert opinion from time to time. You might find out something that you never could have even paid attention to and it can be a game-changer.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about bringing in “outsiders” a.k.a. experts to help refine your business systems. My main point was – 

“Sometimes, people who have been with a process long enough fail to see the need for change, that is when a fresh pair of eyes can be of great help. The consultant or advisor will point out the blind spots that you and your most experienced employees might have missed. It is easier for them to separate emotion from the process and just look at the logic.”

There are businesses that use expert opinions to not only better refine their workflow but also to boost sales. The opinions of a few respectable individuals from particular fields can help you finetune different areas of your business.

Let’s say your company sells anti-virus software. When marketing your product, you can use the expert opinions from people in the field of cyber safety and cybersecurity – tech experts and professionals. 

You can connect with influential cybersecurity or tech blogger to talk about what works with the market and how your strategy will be received. When you use expert opinions during the process, they can also help you when selling the product.

Positive reviews about your software, from the best people in the industry, will let your target audience know that what you offer is being endorsed by someone they trust. It will show that your software is a completely secure anti-virus software that has been approved. This will not only better your understanding of the market, but it will also boost the sales figures for your product. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no one stage where getting an expert opinion is the most valuable. Most valuable thing is to get the right expert involved. You should never shy away from the opportunity to learn from someone, even when they are not at the same level as you. Knowledge passing on is what will give you the hacks to make it in your industry. Take advantage of the human aspect of the business.

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