What Movers Expect you to know? Key Points

Yes, moving is quite a frustrating experience and it is quite a complex task that becomes easier once you get the knack for it. If you have a good plan and strategy and you know what you have to do and when then you can easily complete the process. As you make your moving to do list, you will have a lot to handle. 


The frustration comes when things go out of control and you can’t go through everything by yourself. To reduce this frustration and stress, you should hire a moving company like Mayflower who will help you in the entire moving process. Then you just have to sit and relax, everything will be done by them. But at the same time, there are certain things that your movers want you to know to have a complete smoother moving process. 

Disclose about heavy possessions: When you hire a moving company, an estimated cost quote is provided by that particular company, before moving. It is your responsibility to disclose about all your heavy possessions such as refrigerator, sofa set, bathtub, piano, etc., you have within your house and that are needed to be relocated to your new home.

It is necessary to disclose all the belongings especially the heavy once because this heavy stuff may take additional equipment or labor to move and the same is needed to be added while calculating the cost.

Prepare beforehand for the arrival of movers: If you live at an apartment in a building, then you need to see that whether the movers can use the elevator to carry the belongings, or they need to use the stairs. If the apartment secretary allows using the elevator, then this will make the task easier than before. You should apply to book the elevator for the day or for that certain period to avoid the rush. 

Also, you need to see that there is sufficient space to park the moving truck or not and if there is any obstacle between the parking path, you will have to clear it. Before using parking space, take the permission of your manager to save yourself from the additional fine charges because of wrong parking. 

Be prepared: Movers thought that you will be ready to load the stuff when they arrive. If you try to pack items at the last moment then it could create a big problem. Make sure you have all the stuff well packed and ready to load. Don’t just assume that you can do everything in that short period because it is not possible. 

Pack all your stuff before the actual moving day: Some people prefer to do the entire packing on their own to save bucks. So, they need to make sure that they finish the entire packing before the actual date of moving. And also, pack the stuff properly into the cardboard boxes by sealing them with the packing tape and then put the label on them, showing the name of the items packed in those particular boxes. After packing, keep the boxes at that place from where movers can easily carry them towards the exit of the house.

Pack items into the boxes according to their size: There is always a misconception that heavy stuff is to be packed in large boxes and light stuff into small boxes. But the truth is that items are not packed opposite which means heavier in the small boxes and vice versa. 

They should also be packed according to their size. So, always pack heavy stuff but small in the size, such as- books, bathroom items, etc., in small boxes and light stuff but large in the size, such as- pillows, bed sheets, blankets, etc., in large boxes. Your movers want you to know this so that loading the items becomes easier. 

Be available on a moving day: On the actual moving day, be present in your house so that you can guide the movers properly that which item is to be loaded into the truck and which is to be left behind. Also, your presence is important because some important papers are to be given to you by the movers and they would ask to have your signature on them. So, at that time, make sure you are present at the location. 

Let the movers do their work: When you are present at the place of shifting, remain calm and don’t interfere much in the working of movers. Let them do their work as they are enough experienced to lift your belongings securely. Your non-interference will ensure smooth as well as harmless moving of the belongings.

Conclusion: Yes, hiring movers is the best way to move smoothly but make sure you don’t interfere much in their task and prepare some snacks for them to make them happier. You should be prepared at your site like finish all the packing at the right time and be available there, rest of the task will be done by the movers themselves. 

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