Make Your Move: Tips to Make Moving Easier

moving tips

The process of moving can be quite the ordeal. From planning to execution, it can take upwards of six months to fully move from one house to another. On top of this inordinately long time period, there are a myriad of tasks inherent in the process of moving home that promise to make every second of your moving experience stressful if not properly handled. This guide aims to give a quick insight into the best ways to mitigate these stresses and help you move as expeditiously and painlessly as is possible.

Plan Ahead

One of the surest ways to ensure your moving experience goes as well as it can is to engage in planning and preparation as early as possible. Planning is a brilliant way to reduce stress in your life and this is particularly true for stressful situations such as moving. 

Making a solid plan and setting dates early on will give you a foundation to work with and keep you on track. This will keep you from being set adrift in the sea of responsibilities and requirements of moving and help you to stay on target.

Setting a solid move date will also help you to book vital services early and get those stresses out of the way so that you can focus on more immediate issues as they arise, rather than having to deal with multiple things simultaneously.

Hire the Right Services

Speaking of vital services, it is important for you to quickly assess which services you are going to need and why. The first step to this is deciding how exactly you want to move. Do you want to hire a moving service or move your belongings yourself? If you are moving them yourself, how are you going about it? Do you want to hire a moving van or attempt to move everything in your own vehicles? These, and many more questions, will have to be answered for you to get your moving situation well in hand.

Once they are answered, you can begin booking services, hiring vans and shipping your large goods. If you wanted to, say, ship a vehicle independently then click here for further information on how to do so. This could be useful if you wanted to hire a van to transport all your items together yourself, or even if you wanted to fly to your new address to cut down travel time.

Pack Well

One of the best ways you can reduce potential stress on the other end of moving, is by making sure you take care to pack your belongings carefully and effectively. Whether you are shipping your belongings via a moving service or hauling them yourself, you are likely going to need to learn how to move and pack properly. 

The very first thing you will want to do is evaluate what size of box is going to be most effective and get a number of high-quality boxes in that size. Smaller boxes are usually a safe bet because you can pack them full, without overloading them or making them too heavy. This means your items will not smash around inside the box itself.

Another useful tip when packing boxes is to pack for specific rooms, this makes your unpacking process easier as you know which box is intended for which room. You can do this with colored packing tape or even just a pen and some labels.