Top Ways to Save Money For Your Next Holiday

We all love to go on holiday. However, with rising expenses and inflation, we often are left without a penny for trips at the end of the month. But traveling is so much fun, right? 

Here we have a list of ideas to help you save some bucks to make the next trip possible!

save money

Piggy Bank

Yes, this is actually a great way to save. Every week, try to make it a habit to add money to your piggy bank as a travel money deposit. This way, you won’t be able to spend it even if you have the urge to do so for any other purpose!


Make a proper plan for your trip beforehand. This would help you figure out the budget for your trip and let you fix a target amount that you need to save up.


Cut down on needless expenses bit by bit. You did be surprised by how much you can save up by merely restraining yourself from buying all those things that you absolutely don’t need!

Target Date

Give yourself a deadline by which you want to achieve your target amount of money for the trip. This will help keep the focus on saving and subsequently reach your goal.


To motivate yourself, keep pictures of the destination around you. By looking at the beautiful beach or the hiking route you want to visit during your vacation, you can bring positive reinforcement. This will further fuel your efforts to save for the trip you want to go to. 

Savings Account

Open a savings account and transfer a fixed amount of money to it every month, right after you get your salary. This way, you can ensure that at least some amount is saved up on a regular basis, dedicated to your trip.

Homestays over Hotels

When you are planning for your vacation, try to look for homestays instead of hotels. This can cut down on your expenses in a significant way and help you set an achievable target-amount.

Gather Up

Start to stock things you would need for the trip over a long period of time, instead of opting for bulk expenses right before the journey.

Avoid Loans

Try to clear out all your loans if you are planning a holiday. This would help you save more without any added stress of clearing out pending debts.

Cut Down on Night Outs

Late night parties and drinking fiesta can burn a big hole in your pocket. Try to limit these expenses and motivate yourself to save for the trip where you can sip wine sitting on the beach!

Avoid Expensive Coffee

Let’s admit: we love our coffee and cream. But if you want to save up for the bigger goal you have in mind, you have to control your urge to stop by the fancy coffee shop around the corner.


You can raise some extra bucks by arranging a sale. Determine the items in your house that you no longer use and sell them to get cash. This could further add to your growing holiday fund!


Sort out products you can recycle to cut down your expenses further. This way, you can save up more economically.

Try Biking and Cycling

Not only is this eco-friendly, but it is agreeable to our pockets too! You can cut down on the amount you spend on your car each month by choosing these transportation options. These extra savings can then go to your vacation fund!

Give up Smoking

Apart from posing health threats, smoking is actually a costly habit. By quitting it, you would be surprised by how much you are saving up each month.

Eating In

Restaurants throw you hefty bills and can be very expensive. If you are serious about the trip, you want to make, reduce your eating habits, cook at home, and save the money instead.

Beware of Plastic Card

Avoid swiping your card and keep a tab on your expenses. Plastic money has the pitfall of giving you a false sense of financial security, whereby increasing your debts at the same time. So be careful of redundant expenses and be frugal about your money.

Control Shopaholic Syndromes

At the beginning of the month, we all feel the urge to indulge in shopping. But this shopaholic syndrome needs to be checked if you want to travel. Avoid unnecessary expenses and focus on your holiday plans.

Lending Out

Avoid lending money to people who have a track record of not abiding by timely repayment. This way, you would not be stuck in pending payment that could have been added to your holiday budget.

Be Determined

At the end of the day, determination and will power can take you a long way. Be focused on your goal and keep motivating yourself always that you can do this, and this trip will be possible!

Stick to the Plan

Finally, stick to all the plans you have made to save money. We all make grand plans, but following through is the most crucial step. So, be resilient and make your ideas a reality!

Final Thoughts

Going on a holiday need not be stressful and full of uncontrolled expenses if you plan beforehand. So, start early and save up for that wonderful trip waiting for you!

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