Moving Your Office? Here Are The 7 Things You Should Consider!

Moving office consideration

Did you ever move from one place to another? If yes, then you would know moving requires a great deal of decision making in a brief time frame. Moving isn’t a simple task. Besides gathering supplies and dealing with logistics, you will probably investigate at least 10 moving companies. From selecting the most appropriate moving date and time to hiring experienced movers, you are bombarded with tough decisions at each step.

A professional mover can make your move smooth, and a bad mover can turn your move into a nightmare. If you are planning to move your office, then here is what you should consider.

  1. Make sure your Customers are informed

Once you move, you need to ensure you can pick up your business where you left off without thinking twice. Update your social media profiles and website to let customers know you are moving. This is important for a business that is client oriented.You would prefer not to miss an important message or call from your client. Remember, a lack of customer support from your end can result in your client going to the contender down the road.

  1. Hire Recommended Movers:

Take recommendations from friends and family before hiring any moving company. There is a chance that they have a good experience with the moving company and can tell you exactly what you should do.

You never hire complete strangers or movers who have no experience in commercial moving. Before hiring any moving company, visit their website and read customer reviews. If reviews are good, then there is no problem in hiring them. But, if 70% reviews are poor, then you should go for another moving company that has positive ratings and reviews. Make sure they are professional and move all of your stuff timely with no scrapes or major catastrophes.

  1. Call the Internet Service Provider:

Call the Internet service provider two months before the moving date to ensure a seamless transfer. Your phone and DSL are crucial for your day-to-day business operations.

  1. Tell Your Customers When You’re Up and Running

You should send two notifications to your customers to inform them about the move. The first should be a simple message to inform that a move will happen soon. The second letter should tell them that the move is legitimate and you are up and running at your new location. Make sure your business operations suffer minimum disruption during the moving process.

  1. Redirect Your Mail to the New Address:

Whenever moving offices, you can’t forget about having your mail redirected to the new address. You should tell the post office to redirect your mail on the day of your move. You should tell the post office beforehand and remind them through email or phone call.

Mail can be delayed anywhere from three to four business days. It can cause a delay in your day-to-day operations as well. If that is the case with you,hire someone to receive mail for some time at your previous location. This way you won’t miss out on anything.

  1. Don’t Forget Additional Stuff:

There are little things you don’t think of until you actually move in. You might not have furniture for a waiting room or conference room at your existing office. With the new office, you might need to furnish these on your own. You should set aside money to take care of any unexpected expenses you would incur with the new office.

  1. Make a Public Announcement:

Regarding your business, you need to ensure that clients know how to discover you. Update all your systems administration channels and media outlets about your new area. That way business will proceed as planned and you will make the most of your new office.

If you will follow the tips mentioned above, your move will become easy. Some people are stressed before moving their offices to a new place. Remember, if you hire a professional moving company, then all of your worries will fade away.  Experienced movers know their work and fulfill every responsibility. They will take care of your stuff as their own. A professional mover will handle the things with care. There will be fewer chances of any accident, damage or loss.

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