What Makes Big Brands So Great?

How do big companies really achieve such amazing levels of success? More importantly, what are they doing that we are not? What if they have developed over the years a great organizational system that allows them to stand out from the competition?

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Businesses that excel in a big way are not just because they make use of different techniques from us. Successful businesses also put attention on the areas of the business that are used the most. A lot of the techniques that successful businesses use are tried and true strategies. You, however, can learn them from the Lean Six Sigma Book.


There are a lot of reasons why the leaders of every industry like using these type of models. However, it will become evident once you identify every step that it involves. It is called the DMAIC process which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

  • Define: Everything starts by defining the objective of the company. A common way to do it is identifying the needs of the customers. Then you define the step by step process, mapping every decision, identifying who takes it, how to do it, why is important and when to do it.
  • Measure: This phase defines all the useful measurable information. By gathering data and comparing it, we can identify the magnitude of the problem, recognize differences that could be improved and understand the progress speed of the project.
  • Analyze: When it comes to identifying the main potential problems of the project, the more specific you were in the previous phases, the easier this will be. If an action does not solve the problem nor relates directly to the outcome, you can identify and delete it.
  • Improve: Here is where creativity and brainstorming comes into play. The team immerses itself on finding innovative ways to fix the problem and execute those solutions. It is confirmed by matching the data from the Measure phase.
  • Control: Does your team have what it takes to maintain the results? There is an effective way to maintain results. Actually, it is the only way. When you are not growing, you are decaying. This is why it is so vital to give your members higher goals in order to maintain or even improve results.

As you may suppose, companies are aware of how valuable following these processes are. However, building up these patterns in your team is not easy. As a matter of fact, it can take several years of ‘green belt’ training to achieve reasonably good performance at doing these activities.

However, you can always hire this specific type of employee or train them by yourself. Regardless of the option you are looking for, there is nothing better than the Lean Six Sigma book to recap and have all the data and details of this system in one place. Several professionals have developed Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC) training programs based on the book to help you save time on training and recruiting.


Have you ever wondered how these companies complete such big objectives? They become so relevant in society that it is impossible to ignore them; they appear in all types of media. But what does it really take to reach that level?

Some of us would say it is all about making the right decisions for long periods of time. And so it is, especially when using systems like Lean Six Sigma to restructure the business. It directly impacts the productivity of your staff.

In fact, more and more entrepreneurs are leading their teams effectively because they know everything that happens in the business every time, but also being aware of the specific people managing every project.

When every member of the organization gets to that level of corporation intelligence, the leader can actually operate in the business as a whole. Once everything flows, systems are optimized to its maximum and people know how to make decisions. The next thing you know is that they are in the news.

The objective of creating lasting prosperity is easily achievable with the long term approach of improving every aspect that projects involve. Let’s see how this structure looks like in particular.


When expert consultants share the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC model, they understand it could not be easy to execute it. In fact, some company traditional models are so established that they are to slow to switch to better organization initiatives.

One thing we know for sure is that if we do not learn from the best, someone else will. Most of the times success depends on these little details. It is the difference between falling apart and expanding in a bigger way.

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