What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, or virtual reality, is an online environment in which a realistic situation is simulated. By using different senses, the environment comes across as “real”. In most cases, glasses are needed, sometimes a handset as well. The image or program in the glasses can be either a real video or an animation. A very common form of VR is 360 degree video. These videos are made with a special camera, with a lens on all sides. This way, a shot is made of everything around the camera at once. You can see exactly what that looks like in the video below.

Virtual reality

How long has virtual reality been around?

The idea of ​​virtual reality and a 360 degree view has been around for a long time. From the 19th century, people started to make panoramic paintings. This is the first attempt at a 360 degree experience. In China, panoramas are an important part of the hand roll.

Several people are responsible for the discovery of virtual reality technology, including the inventor of the term: Jaron Lanier, but the American Morton Heilig (1926 – 1997) is seen as the father of VR. He is the inventor of Sensorama, a machine that can produce a 3D experience including sound and effects such as wind. Heilig calls it “Experience Theater”. Ultimately, the Sensorama was not further developed, because it takes too much time and money to produce the device.

A user-friendly solution has long been sought for the way of viewing. The precursor of the Google Cardboard, the cardboard virtual reality glasses, is the stereoscope of Charles Wheatstone (1802 – 1875). He came up with the idea that the brain could make a three-dimensional image if two of the same images are placed next to each other.

Simulators are being tested at an early stage, also a variant of a 360-degree experience. Edward Link invented the first fighter flight simulator in 1929. The so-called “Link Trainer” is created to teach pilots safely and easily how to operate the aircraft. The simulator was used during the Second World War to train more than five hundred thousand pilots.

Virtual reality for businesses 

Would you like to rent VR glasses? Flex IT Rent rents out Virtual Reality (translated to Dutch: vr huren) (VR) glasses and / or packages for trade fairs, events or other business purposes. Connect a computer to your Virtual Reality glasses and enjoy the Virtual Reality videos on desktop. Flex IT rents out the computer (translated to Dutch: computer huren) with the Virtual Reality glasses. Link the theme of your event to VR glasses and let your customer experience an unforgettable, realistic visual experience.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality, augmented reality, is a “layer” over reality. Think of Pokémon GO: the Pokémon appear in the real world through your phone. One of the best-known developments besides Pokémon Go is the Google Glass. With these glasses it should be possible to check the weather without having to open a browser. The development of these glasses is currently on the back burner.

A lot is already possible with augmented reality. When this technology goes to the general public, all kinds of new possibilities arise. For example, an advertising agency can place their advertising on buildings or someone can organize a festival without actually involving people.

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