How to Buy the Right Prescription Men’s Glasses

A man looking up wearing prescription glasses.

When it comes to your prescription glasses, extra care is required. Finding the perfect pair at the right price can be time-consuming, especially when looking for a specific style at an affordable price. Luckily, there are plenty of places online to find affordable and authentic glasses. This article will give tips to help you make an intelligent purchase decision when shopping for glasses online or offline. Below are some tips on efficiently shopping for prescription men’s glasses.

Get an up-to-date eyeglass prescription

The validity of a prescription is two years for adults and one year if you are younger. However, if you feel your eyes have deteriorated and your current glasses aren’t improving your eyesight, book an appointment with your optician. During your eye exam, the optician will give you a copy of your prescription and check your eye health. If your prescription has expired, you should visit your local optician to get a new one.

Measure the length of your pupillary distance

Pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between your pupils, usually measured in millimeters. PD is used to precisely locate the center of the lenses for accuracy. Knowing your PD (and verifying it by a professional) is essential to ensure your new glasses fit your face correctly.

The pupil length is usually between 54 and 68 mm. MF can be difficult to measure. An experienced optometrist best measures this. Optometrists will record this reading during your eye exam. Still, they can omit the PD from your prescription as it allows consumers to shop online. Ask them to write this number on your prescription if they haven’t already.

Choose lenses that suit your face shape

Balance your look when wearing glasses by choosing a frame shape that contrasts with the shape of your face. The right frame offers the benefit of clearer vision and can complement your facial features and overall appearance. Faces can be categorized to fit different types of facial shapes as outlined below: 

  • Heart/Diamond: Characterized by deep and wide cheekbones, a more prominent forehead, and a narrow chin. Look for glasses with similar angles, such as round frames, where the top is wider than the bottom, which should create a nice contrast.
  • Round: Characterized by a round forehead and face. Rectangular frames structure and lengthen rounder faces nicely. 
  • Square: If you have a square face and an angular jawline, consider softening the natural angle of the face. The softer, rounder frames balance the sharp corners of your face.
  • Oval: The enviable oval shape can accent almost any style of display. Choosing symmetrical glasses with a rigid but flexible frame with a round bottom is best.

Choose a frame that suits your personality and style

For the Businessman: Try frames with neutral colors and shapes. Consider classic shapes like ovals, rectangles, and almonds to enhance your professional look. Black, bronze, silver, and brown frames are recommended as these conservative colors pair well with business suits.

For the Creative Professional: Use modern forms, such as geometric patterns in thick plastic or metal frames. Try unusual colors: blue, purple, and green. Retro, vintage, and aviator styles are great ways to show off your creativity.

For the Student: Usesporty shapes and colors. Unusual shapes, bright colors, larger sizes, and exciting details like paint rollers. Feel free to try a retro or modern frame with bold colors.

For the Busy Parent: Don’t worry too much about the latest eyewear trends: stick to simple but elegant glasses. Oval, puffy, soft cat-eye shapes are functional and look great. Dark colors like deep reds, blacks, and greens can add an elegant touch to a bare frame.

Buy Glasses from the Right Store

After reading about the tips for getting the right pair of men’s prescription glasses, we hope this helps. Suppose you want the best prescription glasses that ideally match your profession and face shape. In that case, you need to consider SmartBuyGlasses. They feature a variety of low-cost prescription safety glasses from various brands for all face shapes. 

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