What Employers Need to Know About Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been used for many years as a way to treat various conditions. As an employer, you might be confused as to whether or not it’s legal for your employees to be using at work or who may be high when clocking in. It is critical that you work with your employees so that you are able to operate a professional, well-rounded business. Understanding what’s right and wrong can help in terms of running the best business possible.

Why Your Employees May Be Using Cannabis

Cannabis can be used to treat an array of different mental and physical health conditions. These include PTSD, anxiety, panic disorder, chronic pain, seizures and appetite loss. It is believed that the cannabinoids within the marijuana itself help to replace the natural cannabinoids in the brain. This helps the brain to function properly, reducing the mental anguish and discomfort that a person may be experiencing. It is easier than ever before for people in Missouri to obtain their medical marijuana card. Because doctors are available on weekends, a person can simply apply, have their application reviewed and be approved for medical cannabis use in a short period of time. They can then use this card to purchase products from online or local dispensaries. The card that they receive is a written prescription from a licensed, highly-qualified doctor, so it is a valid form of medication given to that person.

Drug Testing

Many employers do routine drug testing to ensure that their workers are able to come into the office and give their most productive work. However, if you have one or more employees who are testing positive for marijuana, this might be because they are legally allowed to use it. Prior to hiring anyone, it is a good idea to ask if they have a prescription for cannabis so that you can be prepared for what to expect. If they are currently using, it’s important to ask for proof of this prescription and to either choose not to drug test them or simply disregard the results that may come back during routine drug testing.

What to Do if Your Employee Has a Medical Marijuana Card

Because medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular, you’ll probably have a worker who is using it on a consistent basis. The key here is to work professionally with that person to find the right approach to their condition. For example, they may still need to use cannabis on a regular basis, but they are not able to be high while on the job for safety purposes. In this case, you may want to work with their schedule so that they are only coming to work after the effects have worn off. This is a relatively delicate situation for any employer, but it is critical in terms of the employee-employer relationship. Legally, there isn’t much that you can do if someone is testing positive for use and has a valid prescription card for it. However, by working directly with them, you can find a solution for their job duties so that both your clients and other workers are safe while on-site.

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