10 Best Cannabis Business Social Network of 2022

The cannabis industry along with its cannabis business social networks has been growing a lot lately, with the laws siding with the 420 community it is said to grow as a billion-dollar industry quite soon. SO far the regulations allow adults over the age of 21 in the  USA to consume cannabis recreationally in 11 of the 50 states, the government has also fully decriminalized drug use and possession. Apart from this law helping the African American community and the massive incarceration rates, the cannabis market has become a potential contender for the consumers in America. Of course, they were popular before too but the shift in how people will consume this recreational drug has completely changed.

Before the law came about, cannabis companies had their accounts suspended without warning, the ones dealing in the industry who would have a base for consumers would often speak to them through cell phones, the other way was through the app but quite regularly faced opposition from apple and google app stores. However now since there is no such opposition to selling cannabis products the opportunities for the cannabis industry has grown into something unimaginable.

Cannabis is currently an industry that has had its fair share of trouble throughout and now it’s this industry’s time to shine. There has also been some backlash from the conservative communities who still think of cannabis as a gateway drug however it is common knowledge now that it is, in fact, one of the safest drugs that there is, in most cases safer than alcohol too.

What is a Cannabis Business Social Network?

Just like other social media networks, it provides you with a forum that lets you connect with other like-minded people who indulge in the same lifestyle as you. Like we discussed over the years the cannabis business has grown into its own and once the legislation goes up to 20 (which can be very soon) it will be a strong contender in the alcohol and tobacco industry. Unlike big tobacco and alcohol, this industry will not see a lot of deaths.

Having said that we must also consider the effect weed has had on the African Americana population, the mass incarceration of their community on petty cannabis possession has filled several jails with black bodies. Easing up the laws around helps the specific community and how. It also hurts other ethnicities for the same reason, the problem with weed has never been the moral one, it is a politically charged issue that most states are having to deal with quite maturely. The only reason why the senate even wants to entertain this issue is because of how quickly the industry of cannabis is growing. 

United States is known for its great sense of consumerism hence it is no surprise that the social media industry is not shying away from banking on the new dawn of the green industry. So obviously social networking of cannabis has already begun, we are at least in the second stage of it. As an entrepreneur, you must see the ripe opportunities here in this industry and go with your instinct. It is said to be a billion-dollar industry very soon and the senate will be paving the way for it.

Top 10 Cannabis Business Social Networks in 2022

Here is a carefully curated list of the best cannabis business social networks that are currently stealing the show.

 1. Grasscity

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This is one of the ancient websites popular as cannabis business social networks on the internet, it started as a small site for cannabis producers and has grown as one of the most popular producers of it. Over the years it has run a consistent blog for the community of weed lovers, that covered information about how to smoke, ways of using it, laws around it, and most importantly where and how one can find the dispensaries.

2. WeedLife

This is one of the new and latest cannabis business social networks, it has been quick to gain popularity in the community. The coolest feature it offers you is the feed that gives you information about weed-related companies. You also see what other people are sharing about it and you can even communicate with them through the feature of chat rooms, groups, and other such forums. It gives weed-related brands an option for visibility as well as revenue.

 3. Weedable

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This is a smartphone app that lets you build an online portfolio through which you can connect to other members of the cannabis community. it allows you to build a straightforward relationship with consumers who want to acquire their desired brands. It also gives you news on the 420 aesthetic, it is quite easy to use and you are also able to view a section where you can see different cannabis plants, concentrates, edibles and seeds.

 4. Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz
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This website allows you to find new people and find nice accommodations, you can find a doctor near you or any other thing that you might need. It is often called the foursquare of the 420 community since you can find weed enthusiasts anywhere due to this app. You can choose a place to visit and communicate with. You can also use it as a feed to tell others how safe and legal your brand is. 

5. MassRoots

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This was one of the pioneers in the cannabis business social networks world, it was the Facebook of the cannabis industry as it started as a community that connected college students to reliable dispensaries. It already has one million users. They have made it quite easy for cannabis companies to deploy new branding strategies. The coolest feature it has is that it encourages forum discussions on one of its boards instead of going after the user feedback. It also has a loyalty feature that has a giveaway of movie tickets, concert tickets, and passes for festivals.

6. LeafWire

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This one is known as the LinkedIn of the 420 worlds. It is an armed resource service of data, processes, plans, and even news. It provides information about companies and their niche products and their marketing skills, you name it and you would find it here. It provides the users several opportunities for cannabis companies that may be seeking buyers and vice versa.

7. Duby

This is the iOS and Android version of a cannabis Instagram. It is a cannabis business social network for weed enthusiasts who can share photos, videos and interact with other 420 users.

This is the most modern 420 social media platform that is made exclusively for the practitioners of this industry. It has a range of employees available on this website from the farmers to vendors, sellers, and retailers. Anyone who is remotely related to the weed industry from the business end you will find here.

 9. CannaSOS

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This is a large data holder of all the information on Cannabis, its effects. The website lets you find personalized drugs according to your requirements. They are also creators and distributors for any weed-related business. It is very user-friendly and answers all your weed-related queries by experts. It is one of the most popular weed-related websites that we know of, the query-related feature is both sophisticated and important. It makes CannaSOS one of the most well-known websites that we have mentioned.

10. 420 Magazine Forum

420 Magazine Forum
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This is a very old print media forum that also has an online presence, the community site is quite similar to the social media website. You can discuss the growth strategies and techniques in the industry, you can also talk about the government’s stance on weed. The legality, rules, and laws and what one can do about it. This is an old contender of other cannabis business social networks here since the fanbase of this one is vast.


There are a lot of qualms that one might have from this industry but the truth is that the industry is here and is said to grow at an unimaginable pace, social media is doing its job here. The job amplifies the safety and durability of this kind of lifestyle. We would like to believe that in terms of the business end of it, social media is doing a great job.

Now the question remains, what side will you be picking? Will you be brave enough to bank on a new industry like this one? We have already discussed the problems that this industry has faced and will be facing if legalization happens in all 50 states but that shouldn’t stop anyone from seeing the big picture.

These social media platforms are just the tip of the iceberg, it is a very green iceberg and whoever gets to tame it has the potential to make it big. Apart from being very user-friendly the other similarity that these apps have is that they are very in-sync with the legality of thighs and they don’t shy away from sharing that with their users, making all the apps and websites here very ethical. Hope you have more clarity on the business and social media side of the cannabis industry now.