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It is said that there is a hidden artist in each one of us. But where is that artist? Why do we not see that artist? What are the ways to see that artist? The best answer that I can give you is love. Love has emotions. This emotion of love for your family and friends can activate the hidden artist in you. Art is one of the best ways to show emotions to your loved ones. How? Crafting! Well, crafting is a form of art in which you use a different material, often referred to as decorative materials, to create customised things and gifts, which can be used for different purposes. By crafting you can create so many things, let’s see a few of them in the form of bullet points:

  • Slam books
  • Magic letters
  • Pop-ups with notes
  • Explosion Pandora’s box
  • Standee
  • Sliders
  • Camera box
  • Hanging
  • Zigzag Paper puzzles
  • Paper lanterns and lamps
  • Decorated chocolate boxes
  • Photo mugs
  • Engraved mugs

There are so many items you can play with, in order to create everlasting memories with your loved ones. But the question here is about those materials or things available to do crafting. It seems easy from a bird’s eye view, but there is a lot to learn in crafting, especially about the materials. Where to get all this material at a time? There are websites on the internet,which are basically online shops, which sell these materials, all you need to do is to select and order them. If you are in Australia, you will even get to buy Fiskars products in Australia.

Let us dive in the pool of material and extract some knowledge out it.

  • Paper rolls: When you do crafting, there is a lot of paper that is left in different irregular shapes. Never throw that waste. For one item, it’s a waste. But that is the creativity needed in crafting. Extract a new design out of those irregular shaped paper cuttings and rolls of paper of different colour.
  • Craft colour paper: This is the oil of your Indian food. Just like the first thing that you do in cooking is putting oil in the pan, similar is the case with craft paper in crafting. It’s the oil of craft making.
  • Scissors: There are different types of scissors available in the market.Get those shaped scissors to cut your paper and give them a stylish cut with different designs with the help of scissors. Better cutting brings accuracy and symmetry in your craft.
  • Paintbrush: Crafting is not just cutting of paper into different designs. You need to experiment with colours via a paint brush. Pick up your paintbrush and add colours (consider as if you are putting emotions) to your explosion box.
  • Embellishment: It is a broader category. It is the salt of crafting. No matter how good the food is, it will taste boring if you do not add salt to it. Add embellishments as salt to your craft

There is always a big list which you will explore gradually when you start crafting. So, grab the Christmas opportunity and make your loved ones happy by creating a craft from them. Don’t forget to buy material online to ease your life.

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