How to get Haircutting Scissor: Buying Guide

The primary purpose of creating a cutting scissor is to trim or cut your hair entirely. Also known as hair shears, barber shears, hairdressing scissors, and hair cutting shears, every professional hairstylist is selective about the cutting scissors to deliver the best hair styling. Haircutting scissors are entirely different from a regular scissor you use at your crafts or any household work. 


Haircutting scissors are specifically sharper from the regular scissor and have different design elements to ease the hair cutting. But it’s important to decide on how to get hair cutting scissors?

What is the difference between the regular scissor and hair cutting scissors?

Well, a scissor is a scissor, and the scissor aims to cut the object, weather hair, or paper, or fabric. So how hair cutting scissors is different from the regular scissor? If you are wondering the same, here are the differences:

  • The level of sharpness

Haircutting scissors are sharper than the regular scissors to give a precise cut.

  • The angle of the scissor blade

The angle of the hair cutting scissor is specifically designed to cut the hair and not appropriate for cutting the fabrics or paper

  • The quality of the steel

Usually, Japanese or German steel quality is used to make the haircutting scissors.

What are hair cutting shears?

Shears are six inches long with a larger finger hole to accommodate multiple fingers. It helps to provide a better grip on the scissors while cutting. Haircutting shears are used by the professional hairstylist and specifically refer to the barber scissor.

How to get Haircutting scissors?

If you are not sure of how to get a perfect hair cutting scissor, here are the eight recommended ways which can help:

Refer your stylist

The hairstylist you count upon is the best person to guide you about the right hair cutting scissor. After all, the right scissor plays a vital role in getting a clean-cut and saving your hair from split ends.

Relate your cutting job with the kind of scissor required

For different cutting techniques, different types of blades are appropriate. Long leaves are more comfortable and cleaner to use, while short blades are suitable for specific procedures. A professional hairstylist can guide you through the best blades which will suit your cutting style.

Go for a demonstration

You can request the scissor making company to give you a demonstration about the working of the scissor. A test drive of scissors can save you from lots of hassles.

Compare the least and most expensive scissors

Once you open and close the most expensive and least expensive blades, you will be able to relate yourself to the difference. There are lots of rumors about the best steels, which can only be realized once you differentiate between the two. Instead of focusing on the price, focus on the quality first.

Look for different types of scissor handles

There are different types of scissor handles available, each facilitating a specific technique. It not always about cutting the hairs; it is about handling a scissor correctly to perform a perfect hair cut. Pay attention to the detailing about the scissor handles provided by the company to make a wise decision.

Toothed Scissor vs. texturizing blades

Toothed scissors are also known as thinning style blade scissors, which are entirely different from the texturizing blades. To understand the exact difference, pay attention to the various benefits offered by both.

Payment options

Unless you settled on the economic scissors, expensive scissors need you to splash out hundreds of dollars in one go, which is not easy. For most of the expensive products, there are various payment options like zero interest EMI to allow the buyer to make payment easily.


Most of the scissors come with a warranty, and if anything goes wrong mechanically, the scissor company is liable to service the scissor accordingly without any charge. A scissor with a minimum guarantee of 1 year boasts about its high-quality and gives the buyer confidence to invest in.  And why not ask for a warranty when you are going to spend a considerable amount of money on a scissor?

Can a dull scissor lead to split ends?

Most of the craft and kitchen scissors are not designed to cut hair as well. They are not that sharp and can lead to frayed cut, which further leads to split ends. Unless you have a pair of new scissors that have not been used even once, you can expect a clean hair cut without any fray.

Haircutting scissors not only cut the hair, but it is also designed to pull the hair to ensure an impressive hair cut. If you have noticed, while sitting on a barber seat, you may experience some pain in your scalp.  It is the result of a pull created by the hairdresser scissor on the strand or two of the hair.

Why should you choose hair cutting scissors exclusively for hair trimming?

It is essential to choose the right scissor before you proceed with the hair cutting. Choosing a blunt or old scissor will not give a precise cut, and you cannot expect a flawless hair cut with it. Two options for choosing scissors while hair trimming is as follows:

  • Get Hair Cutting Scissor
  • Use a regular sharp scissor

Old or blunt scissors are responsible for damaging cuticles and leading to a jagged hair cut. Cleans cut are only possible with the sharp scissors which are dedicated to the paper cuts. However, if you have thick hair, getting a hair cutting scissor is highly recommended. When the hair grows out continually, at times, it becomes difficult to cut them using a paper cutting scissor.

The best hair cutting scissors have thinner blades as compared to the regular hair cutting shears, making them more useful for the purpose.

Can I get away from Split ends using a regular scissor?

No, if you want to get rid of split ends permanently. Cutting your hair using a blunt or old scissor can part away the split ends momentarily. Afterward, more split ends will occur, and this will become a vicious circle. Every time you will chop off the split ends using a blunt scissor, you will end up with more split ends afterward.

To avoid this, it is recommended to visit a hairdresser to fix your split ends. Else, you should use a sharp scissor or hair cutting scissors to get rid of split ends completely.

Are Haircutting scissors very costly?

No! Most of the best hair cutting scissors are affordable. You will be amazed to know that most of these scissors are under $10. Unless you need a high-quality barber scissor used by professional stylists or hairdresser scissors, it will not pinch your pocket at all.

If you are looking for exceptionally light-weighted scissors with very thin blades, they are bound to be expensive and are majorly used by the Professional hairdressers.

However, if you buy expensive hair cutting scissors, it will give real value for your money. It will last longer as compared to its cheaper counterparts and also can sharpen. You can get your hair cut with the sharp hair as well, provided the hair should not catch between the blades. These scissors should give a clean cut. 

Remember, never use the hair cut scissor for other purposes as cutting the fabrics or any other task. It affects the cutting efficiency of the scissor adversely. 

Are Sewing Scissors good enough to cut hair?

Yes, for a while, sewing scissor is worth trusting as they are sharper than regular kitchen scissors. You can trim your hair off your mustache or scalp in the case when you are not able to find out your hair cutting scissor. However, still, a high-quality hair cutting scissor is highly recommended to get a hassle-free hair-cut.

Are Haircutting and beard trimming scissors the same?

Well, the answer is simply no. You need a quality scissor for both the purposes with sharp edges. However, the size may significantly vary. You need a relatively smaller scissor to give a clean trim to your mustaches as the bigger scissor tends to pull out hair and may cause teary mustache with pain.

Similarly, if small scissors are used to trim the long or moderate hair, chances are low to get a clean cut. Hence, you should prefer different scissors for both purposes, which are sharp to provide a clean cut.

Can I sharpen my old hair cutting scissor?

If you ask a professional hairdresser or hairstylist, their answer would probably be ‘no.’ Once the barber scissor loses its sharpness, they frequently replace it with another new pair of sharp scissors. However, for home use, you can sharpen the old hair cutting scissor with the right technique.

This right way to sharpen an old scissor is to look for a 45-degree angle and then sharpen it. This angle will achieve the sharpness towards the end, leading to sufficient sharpness. 

So, when are you going to buy a perfect Haircutting scissor for yourself?

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