Virtual Reality & Mobile Gambling trends in 2017


Let’s talk gambling. 2017 is set to see more growth in the online casino and sports betting industry. Companies are now focusing on improving the mobile experience. The last online casino games are designed to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

V R Casinos can now detect a gambler’s presence in the game. You can find a list of trusted secure online casinos that are leading the way in virtual reality by looking out for the latest TV campaigns. The operator Schmitts Casino is one of the leading brands in this industry.


If you are into the whole concept of Virtual Reality then think seriously about PlayStaition VR for a few good reasons.

  • The PlayStation is a lot cheaper than either Oculus or Vive
  • The VR works with all of the PS4 Consoles
  • You will enjoy 120Hz refresh rate for those smooth visuals that are so important

Along with the Pros there are always Cons

  • The PlaySTation Camera isn’t included in the box
  • There are no Move controllers included either
  • The resolution is a bit disappointing

BUT Resident Evil 7 on the PlayStation VR is totally amazing and a true game changer.

2016 held a lot of promise when it came to VR, we now have three headsets that are available to the general public but by far the most commercial is the PS VR.  Okay so the amount of games is not amazing but as I said before Resident Evil 7 provides total immersitivity and at only £349 it is it inside many gamers budgets.


  • Resolution is 1.920 x 1,080
  • Refresh Rate is 120Hz
  • Weighs just 610g
  • Display OLED

To use the PSVR all you need to do is plug it into the back of your PS4 vial the bundled control box.  As long as you have a DualShock 4 controller the only other piece of kit you need is a PS Camera. If you look about there are several retailers selling the camera as a part of the PSVR bundle.

Once you have those three things sorted  you are set to go as there is no hassle of having to upgrade any of rig’s components and there is no PC involved.

Sony recommends that you sit about five feet or so away from the camera so this means you probably won’t have to do a major rearrange of your furniture. Plus the PSVR is first and foremost a seated VR experience.

Sony’s PSVR is also compatible with the company’s Move controllers. The wands were originally launched for the PS3 mainly due to the success of the Wii, but since then they really have not had a lot of love thrown their way, but now it’s time to dust them off.

Several of the PSVR are using these controllers with great success and although they are not essential they will definitely add to your whole experience of PSVR. The wands act as disembodied hands moving in a more natural way then your DualShock 4 controller would.

That, however, is all personal choice.

Setting up your PSVR is like setting up a HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift, The PSVR’s headset is tethered by a long cable that trails from the back of the headset right into the main control box, and the main control box plugs right into the back of PS4.  Because you are sitting down a lot of the time the cable should not cause a tripping problem if you are careful and don’t have kids or the family pet running in and out of the room you are playing in.

This version of VR might not be the most advanced but because of the price and the fact that you probably have half of the kit already it’s sure to be a winner with PlayStation fans worldwide.

Virtual Reality is here to stay and the future looks promising.

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