What You Can Automate in Your House With Linear Actuators

Automating a house using actuators will without a shadow of doubt make life easier. There are very many household materials, goods and furniture that can be automated. These include the couch, automated entertainment system, automated doors, the spice racks, the kitchen cabinets, the garage and the table extender.

Reclining Couch

The sofa sets in the living room can be automatically be set using actuators to tilt and stretch according to the needs of the user. Adding this kind of setup on the existing furniture that uses manual reclining methods is the best options for many people. The electric actuator can be added under the reclining couch and with a remote control, it will be easy to extend or retract the couch.

Automated Entertainment System


The cabinets housing the entertainment appliances can be set to open and close automatically using the wireless remote controlled actuators. It will be the ultimate addition to the entertainment system. Two electric actuators can be synchronized to work together in controlling the cabinets opening closing and even moving the appliances around the room.

Automated Kitchen Cabinet


The kitchen cabinet can be automated to be lowered and raised according to individual needs. It allows people with different heights to use the cabinets with ease. The people on wheelchairs and those who are not able to access the top cabinets will opt to implement the design of the kitchen cabinet that can suit the needs of everybody. Automatic actuators and a wireless remote control will offer the best solution for such individuals.

Automated Tables and Table Extenders

According to  progressive automations linear actuators store, automated tables can be a very interesting design for a house with a bigger living room. Multiple actuators can be used to move the table around the living room to serve a large number of guests. This kind of project can be designed for a much more advanced user need. Most of the tables used presently are ones that that have a single extension piece which can be added when the number of users on the table increases.

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