What Net Line Actuators Do


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Importance of Net Line Actuators

Net line actuators provide an intelligent automated switchgear solution based on electric actuator system. It is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of electrical networks. The automatic actuator’s focal point is to ensure a reliable modular retrofit solution that will adapt much more quickly to the majority of switchgear functioning.

Distribution Automation

Actuator Zone’s Electric actuators offer a broad range of automated systems and products for electrical distribution network. It includes digital radio communications system that integrate with remote controlled systems to enable a common control and measurement point on the electrical grid system. For the cable networks, actuators can monitor the flexibility of switch controllers with a broad range of communication options. The electrical systems can use the actuators for pole mounted switches that enable secure connection and disconnection during maintenance.

Actuators for Overhead line

The demand for a reliable supply of electricity is a concern in the modern society. It is, therefore, essential to have an intelligent, healthy and robust electrical grid. Overhead lines are the most common in the distribution of electricity worldwide. The lines carry and distribute power at both medium and high voltage over long distances. With automated actuators, a full control of distribution can be achieved in the distribution network without involving manpower getting up the electric post to connect and disconnect the power. The actuators are built to fit the air breaks switches in single phase distribution networks.

Retrofit switchgear

The management of assets is crucial in the distribution of electricity. The existing switchgear can be replaced long before their lifetime expires. It is possible because of the automated actuator systems that are remote controlled for the sake of safety requirements. Fitting of switchgear, ground mounts, substations, overhead switches, pad mounts, and auto reclosers is essential for the sake of safety requirements. Remote controlled linear actuators can retrofit them due to their modern automation and communication ability.

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