Use AI to Build and Retain the Best Team with Less Effort

The bare facts about business is that companies have rivals to best and markets to acquire across the world. Running a business has never been easy, but it’s gotten more challenging in the past few months. The unpredictable business conditions amid COVID-19 now has offices and markets re-opening or closing based on the rate of local spread. 

The smartest thing to do now is control and streamline as many aspects of your business as possible. This means HR processes like job descriptions for hiring can use smart technology, so they almost write themselves and provide meaningful data the organization can use for each employee’s tenure.

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Read on to learn how savvy companies rely on contemporary technology to build and retain a better team more efficiently.

Identifying Core Competencies and Responsibilities

What does a job description boil down to? Essentially, a job description exists to pair the skills required for the position with the skills offered as precisely as possible. These job descriptions will help attract the right talent, develop the right interview questions, and streamline internal promotion pathways. Now, there are job description creator companies that businesses can leverage to take the pain out of creating job descriptions.

For example, HRSG’s Competency Core advanced AI technology gives companies the skills to design high-impact strategies by implementing competency-based programs. Using machine-learning and crowd-sourcing helps build job descriptions that are more accurate and actionable. 

Simply create a title, and the AI will suggest competencies and skills that are key to the role. These can be customized as needed, and the software even facilitates feedback, so it’s easy to create the perfect job description in one draft, even for companies with multiple divisions. 

Industry-leading job description software companies have an ever-growing database of over 1,200 high-quality draft descriptions. Combine automation and the human touch to get the best results for your company in less time.

Better Interviewing

The hiring process doesn’t end at the job description. Now, the same technology that drives your improved job description process empowers your managers to make great, objective decisions. 

Access a reservoir of over 1,500 competency-based interview questions. This process ensures continuity and alignment between the job descriptions and the in-person interview to follow since they’re driven by the same underlying technology, thus creating a unified and powerful approach to hiring. 

Interviewers are free to add, edit, or modify any questions they’d like. 

Career Pathing

Finally, the data that guides the right candidate into the door is leveraged for as long as they are on the job to ensure they have a visual roadmap of the skills and competencies needed to succeed. Evaluating employees based on their ability to deliver on the competencies and responsibilities they were hired for is transparent and fair to the company and their employees. 

Managers will have powerful data at their disposal when evaluating and guiding their employees, giving them smarter direction over their careers.

Managers and executives need to take control of every element of their company that they can. Leveraging AI to make hiring and retaining employees easier to do is a powerful tool that results in better outcomes for you and your employees now and further down the road. 

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