How to Ace All Job Interviews: Tips & Tricks

Job Interviews

Congratulations! You have a job interview scheduled. If there is one thing that drives job seekers crazy, it is the uncertainty of a job interview. No matter how many of these you go on, they will always be nerve-wrecking. You can never get used to the uncertainty.

Of course, you would want to ace all job interviews, but this is no easy feat. You get up earlier than usual, put on your newest clothes, get out your resume, and look at the mirror just before you, so you can remind yourself to put on a smile.

Now picture this for a moment: you have everything well-planned out, crossed every ‘t’ and dotted every ‘i’, everything is going according to plan, and just then, a curveball question is thrown your way, something you had not prepared for. Everything falls apart, right?

Wrong. We have sifted through thousands of interview horror and success stories to find some of the best tips and tricks to help you make it straight to the top of the shortlist. No matter the competition, these ten tips and tricks will help you ace all job interviews.

Do your Homework on your Potential Employer

Above you all, go into a job interview room knowing what the company looks for in a qualified candidate. That way, you can position yourself as the best candidate. The nitty-gritty is hidden in the company’s website and employee LinkedIn, and other social media pages.

Get Familiar with the Job Description

Reread the job description. Read between the lines and find out what skills the company is willing, and not willing, to negotiate. Pause, and take time to think about your past achievements and how they align with the requirements of the job.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Don’t get caught up in the anxiety of the kind of questions a recruiter is going to ask you. In reality, you will get the same question from one interviewer to another. Now that you have an idea of the kind of question you will be asked, rehearse how you will respond to them. It’s important to mention that some companies use assessment tests to filter candidates. You can take practice tests on websites like the Assessment Center HQ that show you what kind of assessments companies use when hiring.

Use the STAR Method

The STAR Method is all about giving structured and well-thought-out answers to behavioral interview questions. Behavioral interview questions are designed to help the interviewee understand your response to past and future situations, and how you think.

Dress the Part

Plan your interview outfit the night before. The best outfit will display your professionalism in the interview and can set you apart from other job candidates. Dressing appropriately will even encourage you to be more confident and reveal your sense of judgment.

Anticipate the Questions

Take a look at your resume and refine a professional narrative by formulating a response to the question that may come up from that. That way, you can utilize the opportunity to prove yourself as a wonderful fit in your answer.

Treat Everyone you Encounter with Respect

That goes for everyone who is not an interviewer too. Be professional in everything in life – and especially on the day of the interview. As the old adage goes ‘respect is a two way street’ – if you treat people with respect, they will show you the same.

Practice Good Manners and Body Language

Picking up on the cues you give off every day is not easy because these are things you do without thinking twice. A good way to evaluate your non-verbal cues is to set up and record a mock interview and observe yourself.

Win the Interview with your Positivity and Authenticity

Look out for opportunities to talk about where you pursued the job opportunity. Highlight the things about the job that excites you the most and be precise about your interest in the company and the job. Above all, remember to stay positive.

Follow up After the Interview

The most challenging part is over! Although interviewers don’t explicitly tell you to do it, it is an unwritten societal rule, and you are expected to do so all the same. Write a thank-you note and remember to address the next steps following the interview. 

Key Takeaway Get a leg up on your interviewer. Apply these tips and tricks to succeed in your job interview.  It is easy to have doubts about a job interview, especially if this is your first interview. Keep a positive mind

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