5 Most Common Interview Questions

Every interviewer is going to ask the following 10 questions, irrespective of what post you are applying for and what the job demands of you:

  • “How are you doing?”
    How do you reply to this? Do you say “I’m good.”? Or does “I’m well” sound correct?
    All you have to say is “Fine. Thank you.”
    “How do you do” isn’t actually a question about the person, but just a formal greeting when you meet someone or are being introduced by a third person. This is often accompanied by a firm hand shake or a simple head nod.
  • “Tell us about yourself.”
    How do you introduce yourself without being boring? The answer you give has to concise and to the point. Don’t give out too much personal information, stick to talking mainly about your educational qualifications, your past work experiences, what are you looking forward to do, you strengths and weaknesses.
  • “Why should we hire you?”
    Talk about an experience that highlights your strengths. Research well about the company and job requirements well before you go down with the interview. Using your past experiences and the information you’ve read about the company, you need to prepare a short and smart answer for this question. Highlight using your success story, that you do have the required skills and qualities, required to fill in the position. On the other hand, be careful about not sounding too arrogant, or too general with your answer. Answer to the question “why do you think you are fit for the job”, rather than, “why do YOU want this job”.
  • “What is your greatest weakness?”
    Now, you need to answer this question very smartly, by mentioning very few of your weaknesses, especially the one which is a core competency of the job. Mention one or two weaknesses, and then cover it up talking about how you are working on those shortcomings.
  • “Why do you want to work for us?”
    Now, this is the chance for you to talk about some achievements of the company. Apart from the fact that you need this job for its pay, you have to highlight other underlying motivations for wanting this job. You may be there for the paycheck, but you have to make them believe that you want to become an integral part of their company, and grow along with it. Talk about some specific things you like about the company. Demonstrate how your strengths align with their needs, how you can perfectly blend into the organization.

The most important point is to focus on the needs of the company, and how you are tailored to be a part of them.

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