Understanding Macujo-Step by Step

Smoking marijuana has become the order of the day since many people realize the health benefits associated with it. From the elimination of depression, relief from anxiety, and other forms of ailments, marijuana is the go-to herb that has helped millions of people. Drug tests are normally performed to enable employers to know whether someone abuses drugs or not. Urine tests detect drugs that were used some days back while hair follicle tests drugs that were used 3 months ago. This means if you are tested using the hair follicle, your results may end up being positive. Terminader Yellow Snow only helps when you have to undergo the urine test. Here is the macujo to help you get a negative result from a follicle drug test. 

Hair test

Materials You Will Need

You need rubber gloves, a hair cup, deep cleansing, vinegar, laundry detergent, and shampoo. It is advised that the moment you learn that you are going to sit for a drug test, you need to stop smoking or taking marijuana so that you reduce the levels in your body. macujo method works only when you have low levels of marijuana that are not being continuously added to your bloodstream. Once the marijuana or drug levels in your bloodstream are not increasing, you can then start the macujo method to get rid of the traces of marijuana.

Doing the Macujo Hair Cleaning Method

Get warm water and start rinsing your hair over the sink. The running water is what is needed to clean and rinse the hair so if you can get a person to pour the water over your hair, that would be great. Do so until you are sure the hair has been completely soaked and that there is no dry part of the hair. Once you are done, apply the vinegar.

Clean Your Hair as Directed

Once you apply the vinegar, it is time for you to massage and clean the hair so that the vinegar can penetrate inside the follicles. Once the vinegar has been absorbed by the hair, you can now put on your hair cap and go to do something else until half an hour is over. After an hour, you can then rinse your hair with warm water so that you eliminate all the excess vinegar and keep your hair clean. If you have shampoo, you can use it and wash the hair after rinsing with warm water.

Rinse the Hair

After washing with the shampoo, get your liquid detergent and make sure you clean your hair. This works to eliminate any traces of vinegar and drug that remains on top of the hair. Ensure the detergents, vinegar and other cleaning materials don’t touch your eyes because they might irritate your eyes heavily. If you can do this process three times before your drug test, you may end up enjoying the best results. Vinegar and detergents penetrate the hair thereby neutralizing all the active ingredients of marijuana resting within the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles are clean, you then be confident and start other detox methods.


The aim is to cleanse the follicles and ensure you don’t leave any traces of marijuana. When doing this procedure, it is also important to make sure you don’t encounter any form of drug use so that you don’t increase the traces of the drug. If the employer is going to test for your urine, you may need to think of getting synthetic urine to produce a false negative result. Work on detoxification as well so that when you don’t manage to use your synthetic urine, you may still stand a chance to test negative.

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